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Tokyo The indigenous people of Tokyo have accustomed to foreigners long ago. They are very polite and courteous. Only older people and children can be ashamed of tourists, but this is only the first reaction to the unusual companions. The locals are very hospitable. It doesn’t matter who and for what reason will come with a visit, this person will be certainly greeted at the highest level. The Japanese are very sensitive to their homes, so you should certainly take your shoes off at the entrance to the house. Tokyo residents are not distinguished by good knowledge of English. As a rule, only employees of hotels and some large shopping complexes can speak English.
When night comes to the city, Tokyo starts flashing with neon signs. The city is truly rich in various night time entertainments. The most popular bars and nightclubs are located in the … Open
Local residents follow a mass of centuries-old traditions, and some of them are useful to be known by foreigners. You cannot step on small mats made of reeds (tatami) with your shoes – this will be a sign of bad behavior and sacrilege. Before visiting public swimming pools "furo" be sure to take a shower. Showers are usually located near the pool. The Japanese do not require strict adherence of all traditions and customs from visitors, but knowing of the basic rules of etiquette will certainly please them.
Tokyo is a magnificent city, where the stone jungles merge with ancient temples, latest technologies - with the ageless traditions, rich history - with futuristic prospects and innovations. Traditional folk festivals and cultural events are celebrated on a grand scale here. Festivals are accompanied by colorful folk performances, where the fun atmosphere reigns. Perhaps, the most popular and anticipated event in Tokyo is the traditional Sakura Matsuri Festival. With the advent of spring, all the inhabitants of Tokyo postpone their worries and dedicate some time to meditate on the cherry blossom. The Sakura Matsuri Festival takes place at the end of March and has a thousand-year history. The Hanami tradition has a deep religious meaning for the Japanese. Looking at the flying pink petals, you should think about the transience of life and its beauty. Despite the strict labor discipline in Japan, every employer necessarily provides his employees with time for performing khan ritual. The most famous place in the whole Japan for admiring sakura is the Ueno Park in Tokyo's Taito district. At the beginning of spring, around nine thousand cherry trees of different varieties bloom here at the same time. Copyright
1. The best way to move around the city is subway. This will not only help you to save money, but also will help to avoid traffic jams. We suggest purchasing subway map that will … Open
Perhaps, the most interesting traditional holiday is the Sanja Matsuri or the Sanja Festival, which clearly shows how to combine a fun carnival procession and a religious ritual in harmony. This is a temple festival, held annually from Friday to Sunday of the third week of May. The festival begins on Friday afternoon with the Daigioretsu parade. A large procession of priests, city officials, geishas, musicians, and dancers, dressed in traditional Edo clothing, moves along the central streets to the temple of Asakusa. The religious Shinto ceremony, followed by the traditional dances and prayers for harvest and prosperity, ends the celebration. Moreover, you will be able to experience the special holiday event organized by the representatives of the notorious criminal clan - Yakuza, who are proudly exposed to showcase their numerous tattoos. If you are going to Tokyo in August, be sure to visit the Asakusa Samba Carnival - one of the brightest street carnivals in Japan. Every summer, this eclectic festival gathers up to half a million spectators in the streets of Tokyo.
Tokyo The residents of Tokyo have a very interesting and unique shopping ritual, which precedes the New Year celebration. Tori-no-Ichi, or the Cock Day, is dedicated Otori, the deity of fortune and business. This holiday carries ancient traditions of celebrating the end of the harvest and the coming New Year. Tori-no-Ichi is celebrated on the territory of more than thirty Shinto temples on the twelfth day of November. You can also visit the unofficial center of celebrations, which is the Asakusa Jinja sanctuary, located within the walls of Sensoji Temple. Here you will enjoy one of the largest fairs in Tokyo: souvenirs, toys, ritual ornaments and household trifles. During the festival, the fair expands due to numerous street trays, selling a variety of amulets, which must attract good luck. But the main souvenirs on the market are the bamboo "rake of luck" Kumade, decorated with the Otori masks and a bunch of old coins "koban". In all senses, it is customary to accomplish a successful purchase with the special ritual of "tejime" - the synchronous clapping of both seller and buyer.
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Unique landmarks in Tokyo and around

Sky Tree

From the series “The Highest Buildings in the World”
In addition to the main facilities, TV and radio, the tower has a wealth of other features. It’s home to three hundred boutiques, popular aquarium and theater, as well as a planetarium and numerous restaurants. The tower is equipped with four observation sites, which are located at a height of 340, 345, 350 and 451 meters respectively. … Read further

Sky Tree

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Construction of the world's tallest TV tower was completed in 2012. Today, it houses popular shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, and cafes. Viewing platforms are available for visits every day from 8 am to 10 pm. Experienced travelers advise to buy tickets in advance using an official website. You can also purchase them in a dedicated ticket office directly at the TV tower. It is important to note that there are several viewing platforms in Tokyo. The best part of them is free to visit. … Read further

Alcatraz in Tokyo

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One of the most original restaurants in the chain is located in Tokyo. Alcatraz ER has been stylized as a prison hospital. Its staff is wearing medical uniform, and visitors are taken to their table in a cell in a wheelchair. Syringes and scalpels instead of cutlery, corresponding to the menu theme with awesome names of dishes. The restaurant Alcatraz E.R will be a great resting place for fans of extreme entertainment. … Read further

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