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Sulawesi There are a couple of nationalities living in Sulawesi, so the gastronomic nuances differ from village to village. The first thing to do before the trip is to decide, how extreme your journey may be. It is not a secret, that the locals eat dogs, bats, snakes, and a lot of other things, which will cause mixed feelings. It is for you to decide, whether to try those “delicacies”, but remember, there are a lot of things in Indonesian cuisine for those, who prefer classic dishes. Keep in mind that the locals love spices, and there is not a single course without them. The Chinese and minahasa food is also good here. The minahasa food always has pork in it.
If you decide to visit Sulawesi with your children, be sure, they will like it as much as you will. Among the places, devoted exceptionally to kids, is the only one Trans Studio, an … Open
In Manado you can try brenebon. Most people will like this filling soup, which contains pork, beans, spinach, and salt, and sugar, and spices of course. Tinutuan – a porridge, made with at least a pumpkin, rice, and cassava with spices is a kind of a local landmark, that’s why you can buy it at any corner. They also serve a plate with fried onion and little meatballs or fish cutlets. If you want to try kebab, ask for “satay” or, in the north of Sulawesi, for “rogay” (the name of the meat). For example, “rogay babi” is a pork kebab. Remember, there will be many pieces containing fat, it is the peculiarity of the local cuisine. Though, the price for a kebab is not high.
If you visit Sangihe island, you will find out, that that same product is named here “babi bakar”, after the process of its preparation. It means “grilled pork”. There is another “tasty” word you should remember – kemiri, or candleberry. This is not a dish, but a unique local nut. It is an important ingredient of a klappertaart, a pie, you should definitely try, while in the north part of Sulawesi. The dessert was created under the influence of Holland cuisine, brought by colonizers. Copyright
There is an ethnic group of people, called Toraja, leaving on the Sulawesi Island. Their funeral rites haven’t changed since ancient times, despite the efforts of the missionaries. Do … Open
If you want to try a fried bat, for example, or any other unusual delicacy, you should go to the market in Manado. Those, who like dogs and cats and are not ready to taste those animals, and those, who are just too sensitive, should better avoid this place. Otherwise, you may spoil your vacation, feeling sorry for those animals. On the whole, all those specific dishes are common for the north part of Sulawesi. In the other part of the island, the local people prefer less exotic products – chicken, fish, seafood, meat, and of course, rice, soy, corn, and yam. Try durian – this fruit doesn’t smell good but has a peculiar taste.
Sulawesi If you like coffee, you are lucky. Here, on Sulawesi, it is not only made in different variations, but they also grow their own unique world-popular sort. The fresh juices are also common here. Choose places without the signs of poor sanitation to buy food and beverages. Otherwise, there is a high possibility of poisoning. There is not a wide choice of alcohol dinks on the island, though, local beer is not bad. They also have wine and vodka. But the fact, that the majority of the population in Indonesia are Muslims, reflect on the range of products at the local shops. From the other side, due to the Middle East influence, you may try here martabak and other traditional dishes from that region.
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