Vacation on Sulawesi Island beaches - hidden bays, top resorts and recreation areas

Sulawesi Sulawesi Island offers excellent conditions for beach holidays, as it has attractive parts of the coast almost everywhere around. Sandy Pijar Beach is an attractive location, especially for families with children. This vast and picturesque stretch of coast is very calm; strong waves are rare there and underwater visibility is always great. There are several popular hotels and restaurants on the beach, however, it’s not too noisy and busy. Travelers who prefer to go resting without beach stuff will appreciate the fact that palm thickets loom close to the coast, so they can conveniently hide there from the hot sun.
If you like exotic things, visit the Torajaland. Here you will see the surprisingly shaped houses of the local people, which were built, using the same technologies, their ancestors had, and … Open
The busiest place in the capital is Losari Beach, a favorite vacation site of active tourists. It’s worth noting that this stretch of coast is called ‘beach’ just conditionally, as it’s not suitable for swimming. However, it would be difficult to find the busier coastal region on the island. The most popular dining and entertainment venues are situated there; a lovely promenade in Hollywood style runs along the coast. Despite the fact that the beach is not suitable for water activities, there are lots of entertainment options. Everyone is welcome to take a ride on a yacht or jet ski, and in the evening the coast is always full of people eager to watch sunset.
Buton Island situated in the immediate vicinity of Sulawesi enjoys unchanged popularity among divers. You can reach it by boat in just a few minutes. A huge amount of beautiful coral reefs can be found next to the island. Panovulu Beach at Sulawesi provides great panoramic view of Buton; the former is in close proximity to outstanding natural attractions. Copyright
When you come to Sulawesi, don’t miss the opportunity to dive at least once. There are uniquely beautiful reefs all along the 6 thousand kilometers of the shore, which make diving here … Open
The fabulously beautiful Tamborasi Beach surrounded by rich thickets of tropical plants is located at Rawa Aopa Watumohai Park. This beach features unique environmental performance, as it was able to save not only its beauty, but also crystal clear water. Typically, travelers visit the beach within the excursion programs along the territory of the national park.
Sulawesi One of the most peaceful places on the island is Bulurm Beach not far from the airport and the city of Palu. It will seem comfortable to tourists accustomed to spend time away from busy towns. The local beach is very beautiful and is never crowded. Kilo Lima Beach is the most remote from the capital of the island, fans of wilderness are sure to enjoy spending time there. This part of coast can’t boast with first-class infrastructure, but its surrounding tropical landscapes are just amazing.
A choice of hotels on Sulawesi is just perfect, as there are accommodation places of different categories. One of the most prestigious hotels on the island, Aryaduta, can be found in … Open
There are great beaches in the nearby Bunaken National Park. These sites also are very popular among fans of diving; local diving centers offer a wide range of services for tourists. Main treasures of Sulawesi are its reserved beaches, free access to which is now closed. However, absolutely everyone can visit reserved areas of the coast, it’s enough just to sign up for a tour or ask for it in one of the many water sports centers.
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Nature and parks of Indonesia for active vacation

77 species of birds live only on Sulawesi. You can meet them in the Lore Lindu National Park. It consists mainly of plains. Lake Lindu is the only large body of water. Some animals are also not found anywhere else. These are Buru babirusa, Sulawesi palm civet. In addition to preserving ecosystems, the park aims to preserve unique archaeological finds. Several hundred prehistoric megaliths have been found on the territory. Some of them are ancient sculptures. … Open

Top beaches and recreation areas in the region of Sulawesi Island

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