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T Express

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
The roller coaster called T Express located in the territory of one of the most popular amusement parks in South Korea is well known to fans of extreme entertainment. Everland is situated in the picturesque town of Yongin. The main feature is that the construction is completely made of wood. This fact doesn't prevent the ride to be among the most exciting in the world; the angle of some of its slopes is 77 degrees.
Carts with passengers develop an impressive speed up to 104 km/h; passengers have three minutes to overcome steep turns. During this time, guests will have an opportunity to conquer more than tens of steep turns, to experience the feeling of weightlessness for 12 times and fully feel the force of gravity. Despite the fact that the ride is built entirely of wood, its structure is very reliable. For more than five years the construction experienced the weight of millions of people. T Express is the perfect proof that incredibly strong structure can be built not only of steel. ... Complete sights collection

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

From the series “The Most Spectacular Fountains in the World”
The tourists who visit Seoul can see one of the most beautiful and original fountains in the world - the fountain of the moon rainbow. It was built on the Banpo Bridge, whose length is 570 meters, and is the longest fountain on Earth. On both sides of the bridge were more than 10,000 dynamic nozzles, from which the water jets shot up. This construction is complemented by the beautiful illumination.
The long colorful cascade looks incredibly romantic and really reminds the rainbow. The longest fountain in the world was registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Every evening on the banks of the Khan River thousands of people gather to watch the wonderful romantic show. It is remarkable that the length of the fountain is recorded in the book of the records as 1 140 meters, since it is on both sides of the Brückes. The experienced tourists recommend to graze on the fountains of the southern shore, on which the wonderful park is laid out. From the shore the fantastic panorama opens up to Seoul and one of the most important architectural sights of the city - the tower N.
The curious traveler has a possibility to look at the fountain literally from the inside. It is a matter of the fact that Banpo is a two-storey bridge. On the upper level there are nozzles of the fountain, and on underneath are the excellent viewing platforms. Although the idea of ​​the waterfall seems incredibly simple, the construction took more than 30 years. Among the distinctive features of the fountain is its environmental friendliness - the water is taken from the river, in which it returns in few seconds from the special filters completely cleaned. ... Complete sights collection

Everland Park

From the series “The Most Fantastic Amusement Parks in the World”
In South Korea, the popular spa park Everlend is located, where you can find the best attractions in the country. The Park Territorium is divided into five thematic zones, which will appeal to the followers of the extreme sports, the history lovers and the shopping fans. In the park there is a real trade district with the attractive name 'The World Fair', where the numerous souvenir shops and the nice restaurants are located.
Another remarkable feature of Everland is the small zoo situated on its territory. Among its inhabitants, there are penguins and polar bears, sea lions and tigers, with whom the interesting performances are regularly performed. The park is home to one of the country's best known and most breathtaking attractions - the 'T Express' roller coaster, which has the longest and most complicated track in South Korea. The length of the trail is 1.7 km.
A pleasant surprise awaits the visitors, who prefer the water entertainments. At the disposal of the guests is the excellent aquapark with magnificent pools and colorful water slides. Several times a year the fantastic flower festivals take place on the territory of the entertainment park. The park changes completely and is adorned with the wonderful grandiose flower arrangements and flowerbeds, which are made by the best florists of the planet. Everland is one of the most visited entertainment parks in the world. Since 2011 the number of its visitors is more than 6.5 million people annually. ... Complete sights collection

Seongsan Ilchulbong

From the series “Majestic and Spectacular Craters and Crater Lakes”
One of the most striking sights of South Korea is Seongsan Ilchulbong Crater, formed after the eruption of the Hydrovulkanes. Many travelers know the huge tuffy funnel, which has formed on the sea floor more than 4,000 years ago, under the unofficial name 'the mountain of sunrise'. The funnel is located in the eastern part of Jeju Island. The height of the crater above sea level is 182 meters.
The shell-shaped Seongsan Ilchulbong crater is of great geological value. The minerals found therein have brought to a number of the most important discoveries in the history of volcanic activity. The hike through the crater, hidden for centuries under the water, is also recommended for nature lovers. The crater of the once mighty volcano is today covered with the luxuriant scrub. Under the diverse local flora you can see many quite rare plants.
Seongsan Ilchulbong crater has been popular with the tourists for a long time, so a comfortable path with the stairs for ascent to it was laid out. Next to the crater you can find many excellent places for quiet rest, the exciting hikes and the enjoyment of the harmonious natural landscapes. The tourists who want to make the beautiful photographs of the crater should visit it early in the morning. At the time of the day it is always very populous beside the Seongsan Ilchulbong crater. ... Complete sights collection

Dragon Hill Spa

From the series “Most Extraordinary Thermaes, Baths and Saunas in the World”
In Korea, the most amazing bath complex called Dragon Hill Spa is in Seoul. It is often called "Disneyland Bath" and is a real center for family leisure, In the seven-storey complex, in addition to traditional saunas and swimming pools, there are many more interesting places to relax. In the center is a large spa, as well as a fitness center equipped with modern sports equipment and massage rooms. For the convenience of guests, several cosy restaurants and cafes are opened in the complex, and a golf course is located in the open adjacent territory.
Many of the locals come to Dragon Hill Spa with their whole family. Visitors have an opportunity to purchase an entrance ticket for 12 hours. In addition to the variety of services, the complex is attractive due to the presence of unique paired ones. In one of them, a chic jade finish has been made, and in the other there is an original floor covered with salt plates. Also, a steam room is available for those who are resting. It is heated with pine firewood, and in another steam room a chic finish made of cypress was made.
The guests of the health center can also relax in the adjoining territory with swimming pools. Some pools are filled with seawater. The bath complex in Seoul is distinguished by its elegant decoration, its central hall is decorated in accordance with the traditions of royal houses. It is so beautiful that it has become a permanent place for filming various TV shows. ... Complete sights collection

Sannakji Live Octopus in Seoul Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Fans of exotic seafood definitely have to visit Korea, where they can taste a lot of incredible dishes, including sannakji or live octopus. This dish is considered one of the most expensive delicacies in Korean restaurants. You can’t taste it everywhere. All restaurants that offer guests a dish have large aquariums in the room, where young octopuses swim. Guests can choose an animal for a dinner.
Sometimes, sannakji is cooked right in front of the guests. A live octopus is cut into small pieces, and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. After that simple manipulations, delicacy is ready to be eaten. Experienced gourmets recommended moving jaws actively as even after cutting an octopus continue to move and act with suckers. You can taste an unusual dish in restaurants that specialize in it or in some bars as a popular snack for drinks.
In some places, octopus is served whole that makes an appearance of the dish even more impressive. Sannakji is also considered quite a dangerous dish, not only because of the threat of contracting intestinal parasites. In recent years, several cases of suffocation were registered in Korea. Visitors of restaurants died due to the fact that the tentacles were stuck in the throat and blocked air. The last case of strangulation was registered in 2008 in the city of Gwangju. ... Complete sights collection

Gebul Sea Worms in Busan Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Gourmets who love to taste rare seafood delicacies will like their rest in Korea. One of the most popular and delicious national dishes is a gebul, a marine worm. Worms are gathered at the coast; they are one of the most expensive seafood options. Marine worms are appreciated not only for unique taste, but also for amazing medicinal properties. In some provinces of Vietnam, marine worms are eaten raw and still alive, but the most popular restaurants serve a soup of sea worms. It is cooked with the addition of greens, herbs, and chili. The dish turns out to be very nutritious and wholesome.
Some exotic restaurants can offer visitors raw worms. Before serving, they’re cut into small pieces, which still continue to move on a plate. No matter how horrible the appearance may seem, most people who have tried it say that it has exceptional taste. Also, fans of the exotics have to know that, unlike a live octopus and some other dishes, gebul is completely safe for consumption.
Besides Vietnam, sea worms are popular in South Korea, where they can also be purchased at many fish markets. The cost of a marine worm is about one US dollar. It’s very important to cut the stuff properly before cooking. Tourists who do not know how to do this, are recommended to ask the seller at the market. For a small fee, he will eliminate guts and hard bristles of the worm. ... Complete sights collection

Bulguksa Monastery

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of Buddhist Civilization”
In South Korea, the first Buddhist monuments began to appear at the end of the 4th century. In the last fifteen hundred years, more than 10 000 temples have been built in the country. Some ancient buildings managed to survive so far. The unique monastery Bulguksa, which is considered a landmark of world importance, is among them. This monastery is located near the city of Gyeongju. For some reason, it’s one of the most attractive for ordinary tourists.
This old monastery is open to travelers and always glad to meet visitors, who will have an opportunity to spend a few days in the local community of monks and to take part in Buddhist ceremonies. Travelers could also see Buddhist artifacts hidden in the temple. Literally, Bulguksa name can be translated from Korean as the Buddhist monastery of the country. That’s a complex of several unique buildings.
Pagodas and Seokgatap Dabotap, the monastery temple, and a number of other iconic structures are among them. The entire structure of the ancient convent is very symbolic. There are are 33 steps to the door of the temple that symbolize the 33 steps to the Buddha's enlightenment. Located in South Korea, the monastery keeps a lot of secrets that are gradually opened by contemporaries. In 1966, during the reconstruction of the temple, the ancient scroll was found. It dates back to the first half of the 8th century. That’s the earliest example of the printed book in the world. Those who like to visit scenic sites also have to visit Bulguksa Monastery. Next to it, they can find an incredibly picturesque garden with a pond that are welcoming at any time of the year. ... Complete sights collection

Daewon Park Observatory

From the series “Elegant Architectural Structures for Fans of Skywalks”
Another great opportunity to rise above vanity is to visit the Daewon Park Observatory, which is located in the Korean city of Seongnam. This observatory can also be called a real monument of the modern architecture. Its design was developed by Yong Chandzhki from Kyungam Architects Associates. Initially the observatory was built as a part of an architectural competition.
It failed to win in the competition, but since the opening, it still remains a favorite vacation spot among townspeople and tourists. The main attractive feature of the observatory is 360 Cloud observation deck offering the magnificent circular panorama of the city. The observatory is located in a large and beautiful park, so it's not deprived of the attention of tourists. Here, travelers with children like to relax. Several entertainment and dining options are available close to the venue.
Romantic people would like to visit the main attraction of Seongnam. One of the top floors of the tower features a restaurant that is the best place in town for a romantic dinner. You can visit the observatory at any time of the year. Since opening, it is a permanent venue for amazing cultural events. ... Complete sights collection
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