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Simferopol is sure to appeal to fans of exciting excursions, as there are many interesting sights in the city. The Vorontsov Palace is located in a beautiful park; it is a prominent landmark in the classical style. The palace was built in 1826 for the governor Naryshkin; there he hosted a lot of famous guests. Next to the palace there is the old botanical garden, which is also one of the city's attractions.
1. You can get to the city center from the airport by trolley bus route 9 or any of the numerous taxis. The city has excellent public transport system; buses and trolleybuses can literally … Open
To get acquainted with the city's history and cultural traditions of local people visit the Crimean Ethnographic Museum. It was founded in 1923, but with the outbreak of the Second World War it has ceased to exist and was re-opened relatively recently, in 1992. The museum’s exhibition includes more than 4 thousand exhibits, most of which were donated by local residents.
Scythian Naples, the ruins of ancient Scythian capital, is another interesting attraction. Archaeologists have restored the center of the old town located at the top of the hill. Guests of this unique open-air museum can stroll through the historic main square and admire the spectacular building with columns - the mausoleum - where remains of Scythian nobility are stored. Copyright
Simferopol is one of the largest cities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine. The city is located between the Inner and Outer chains of the Crimean Mountains in the valley Salgir … Open
One of the most beautiful buildings of the city is the Kebir-Jami Mosque. It was founded in 1508 and is the oldest object in the city. The mosque is open to all comers; tourists would definitely appreciate fine interior design of the shrine. There are interesting natural attractions in Simferopol, one of which is located near the downtown.
The chestnut tree with five trunks was planted in 1829; according to one of the versions, five chestnut kernels were dropped into one hole, and that led to the unusual appearance of the tree. Currently height of chestnut is about 25 meters and diameter is about 5 meters. Locals care about the tree, so every year it becomes more solid and impressive. There are also quite unusual excursion objects in Simferopol, such as the Chocolate Museum. Among its exhibits are true works of art, including models of world-famous attractions, portraits of prominent men of art and unusual artistic compositions. As you can guess by the name, all the exhibits are made of chocolate.
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The Salt Lake Tabernacle is a famous attraction of historical importance in the capital of Utah. It was erected in 1867 to host Mormon meetings (the official name of the religious denomination sounds like “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”). At the time when the tabernacle was built, the construction was so striking in its architecture that it ranked among the wonders of the world. Frank Lloyd Wright also noted the high architectural value of the building and even called it “one of the architectural masterpieces of the country or, possibly, of the whole world”. Many tourists will agree with him after seeing the tabernacle even from a distance. It is no less astonishing on the inside. A magnificent organ – one of the largest in the entire world – is situated inside this building and brought it fame. Besides, the musical instrument earned the praise of many well-known personalities. Among them, you can find Jack Betards, the President of Schoenstein & Co (the oldest and largest organ builder in the western United States).
One more point of interest in Salt Lake City that is worthy of mentioning is the unparalleled Cathedral of the Madeleine. The construction of the place of worship was completed in 1909. In its architecture, elements of neo-Gothic and Neo-Romanesque style can be recognized. It is interesting to note that the facade of the building is decorated with images of saints. On the eastern wall, you can see an image of Joan of Arc, meanwhile, images of John the Baptist and Vincent de Paul can be observed on the western wall. Characters of the Old Testament and the magnificent gargoyles are also represented here and will amaze any tourist. We would like to point out that the cathedral inspired the famous American writer Dan Brown to write his outstanding work “The Da Vinci Code”. This is the reason the shrine is valued as a cinematic and literary landmark.
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You should not overlook the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial Building, where there are several rooms that give you an opportunity to plunge deeper into the local culture. There is, for instance, a historic room with a preserved interior of the end of the 19th century. In this room, you will also come across a large white statue of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church. There are also some places for your entertainment. Interesting productions, for example, are often staged at the Heritage Theater. If you are looking for a great view, then from the windows of restaurants “The Roof” and “The Garden” you can behold a stunning panorama of the city. In addition, thematic events are often held in the halls of the building, thus attracting people interested in enriching themselves culturally. Initially, there was a hotel situated here, which once received only representatives of the white race (and this rule also applied to well-known personalities). The hotel was built in 1911 in the neo-renaissance style, but in 1987 it ceased its activities in this capacity.
One of the few well-preserved estates called Wheeler Historic Farm deserves tourist’s attention. It is a Victorian manor of the end of the 19th century with the interior related to that time. The complex includes agricultural and handicraft buildings, as well as residential buildings. It is framed by an impressive garden with ponds and paths, where you should definitely take a walk. Another notable historic building is the residence of the first governor of Utah, Brigham Young. We are talking about the Beehive House, which was built in 1854. The construction got the name “bee house” due to the well visible statue of the hive (which symbolizes hard work) that is at the very top of the roof. The house is rather large, and the reason for this is legendary. The fact is that, like many Mormons, the first governor was a polygamist.
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The government buildings of Salt Lake City are also worth seeing and visiting. These include The Governor’s Mansion – the residence of the current governor of Utah. The magnificent building was built in 1902 and back then served as the center of the cultural life of local bohemians. It was the venue for theatrical and orchestral performances, as well as balls and dances. Many famous political and religious figures also visited it, for example, President Theodore Roosevelt was among them. The building became the residence of the governor in 1937 but did not fulfill this function in the period from 1957 to 1977. A library and a museum were located here during these years. The Salt Lake Masonic Temple is also worth mentioning. It was built in 1920 and was decorated with Masonic symbols, both inside and outside. The building itself is an excellent example of the Egyptian Renaissance.
Built in 1900, the Alfred McCune Mansion is another remarkable building in the capital of Utah. It catches the eye immediately with its stunning architecture. The original owner of the house wanted only one thing: that his house should be so extravagant and unusual that it would immediately speak of his bright personality. He therefore hired the architect, C. C. Dallas, who created for him a masterpiece of eclecticism, mixing elements of Gothic revival with the style of East Asia. Thanks to this decision, today travelers can see the magnificent building and admire it. After 1920, when the first owners left the house, the building was turned into a music school and served this purpose until 1957. Brigham Young University was situated here during the 16 years that followed (1957-1973). Nowadays, from 1997, a cultural center is located here.
1. You can get to the city center from the airport by trolley bus route 9 or any of the numerous taxis. The city has excellent public transport system; buses and trolleybuses can literally … Open
The Great Salt Lake, which gave the city its name, is another significant place that you should not miss. It is especially popular among fans of eco-tourism. In addition to the lake, you can find other beautiful natural attractions in and around the city. The Big Cottonwood Canyon, for example, is among them. It is one of the best places for climbing, cycling, setting up a picnic, or fishing. It should be noted that the trail leading to the canyon is no less picturesque when compared with the natural landmark itself. Parks located in the center of the city are great spaces to achieve pacification. We are referring to the likes of Red Butte Garden, Liberty Park, and Gilgal Gardens, that are the most well-liked among citizens of Utah. Each of the green areas is more than worthy of a walk along.
Many tourists use the famous Pony Express National Historic Trail, which passes through five states (California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming), to explore the local culture. You can do it yourself by vehicles, bicycles or on horseback – the options are unlimited. The route represents the way which the horsemen used while delivering mail between 1860 and 1861. The system was so debugged that it was famous outside the country. There are several cultural venues that would give travelers wonderful impressions at theatrical shows and concerts of classical music. The Capitol Theater, the Eccles Theater, as well as the Utah Symphony concert hall are great examples of such places. In addition, plenty of interesting themed events and festivals are held in the Gallivan Center.
Simferopol is one of the largest cities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine. The city is located between the Inner and Outer chains of the Crimean Mountains in the valley Salgir … Open
Museums are great for exploring the local history and culture, as well as having a great time. You can get acquainted with the story of how the city was founded in the cultural center of the Pioneer Memorial Museum. This place is the best option for those who want to learn something that cannot be read in history textbooks. The Leonardo Museum, dedicated to the Italian genius, is fascinating with its exhibits. The organizers tried to recreate outstanding projects of an eminent inventor and artist. The cultural sight acquaints visitors with science and the laws of the world as a whole. Locals are so fond of the Toyota Land Cruiser that they even dedicated a separate museum to it – the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum. There you can find such a huge number of cars of this kind, that the collection will impress even the most sophisticated tourist.
The Fort Douglas Military Museum is a great place to explore the history of the US Civil War. The museum occupies the territory of the fort, which was built in 1862 and played an important role at this time. If in the company of kids, you should go to the cultural center, Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. Your children can learn a lot of educational information about the world around them, right here. Another remarkable museum in Salt Lake City is the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art, which presents works of art created by local artists. There are many beautiful sculptures in the capital of Utah, among which statues like National Pony Express Monument and Mormon Battalion Monument stand out in a special way. The picturesque Brigham Young Historic Park is also famous for its magnificent sculptural compositions.
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