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The main historical symbol of Siem Reap that almost all travelers want to see is the temple complex Angkor Wat. This is a unique monument of Khmer architecture in all respects and the largest temple complex in the world. According to the historical data, the construction of the temple started in 1112 and had continued for 30 years. The fabulous temple complex is dedicated to God Vishnu. To look over the whole building, you need to spend several hours on continuous walks. The length of the complex is more than 1.5 km and its width is 1.3 km. There is no larger and more harmonious iconic construction in the world. Angkor Wat is a must-see of all sightseeing tours in Cambodia.
Siem Reap is a main tourist center of Cambodia and a unique city with eventful and interesting history. In the 19th century, in the nearby surroundings of the city, archaeologists found the … Open
The location of this unique temple and many other iconic constructions is the ancient city of Angkor , a capital of the powerful Khmer Empire. As scientists have found, the territory of the ancient capital was occupied by two large temple complexes. The temple of Angkor Wat is located in the mountainous area and near it were the ruins of the temple complex Angkor Thom found. The considerable part of old constructions was restored, so walks along the ancient capital promise to be very exciting.
One of the most unusual attractions of the old city is the Bayon Temple. It was chiseled directly in the rock by local residents and that is why it looks very natural and harmonious. A lot of experts note that the exterior of the temple is quite atypical for such human-made creations, so it seems to be created by the powerful natural force. The main value of the temple is sophisticated bas-reliefs that show the most important historical events of the capital. It also should be noted that layouts of galleries and courtyards of the temple are very complicated, so it is recommended to look over them only if followed by the guide. Copyright
Visits to unique temple complexes and other iconic constructions are the main entertainment for the guests of Siem Reap. In addition to this, this is not an only way to diversify your … Open
Equally interesting construction is the temple of Ta Prohm. This is one of a few buildings that have not been fully restored. The matter is that the temple built in the 12th century was surprisingly entwined by the roots of the trees growing near it, which gives it a very mysterious and spectacular view. Remarkably, the old temple is very popular with fans of the saga about awesome Lara Croft’s adventures, as one of the films was shot exactly here. After this outstanding event, Ta Prohm was unofficially named the Temple of Angelina Jolie.
Banteay Srei temple near Siem Reap in Cambodia One of the oldest constructions of the capital is the temple Phnom Bakheng. It was built in 907 and had been an iconic building of the Khmer Empire for many years. The temple is almond-shaped. Travelers have an opportunity to go up and down the stairs and admire the panorama of the surroundings.
In Siem Reap, travelers can accommodate in more than 400 places that are popular among both connoisseurs of modern luxury and those who prefer recreation in an exotic atmosphere. One of the … Open
The temple of Baksei Chamkrong is an interesting place too. Built in 947, it has managed to survive to this day. The height of the temple pyramid is 13 m. During the excursion, travelers will have a chance to drop in the shrine of the temple and see old sculptures. Siem Reap is the best place for recreation for those travelers who are interested in ancient history and culture. Walks along iconic places, admiration for harmonious constructions and surrounding natural landscapes – this all will make your vacation informative and incredibly interesting.
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Iconic cultural sights of Cambodia

Cambodia is an amazingly beautiful country, whose sights attract tourists from all over the world. It is not only Cambodian nature famous for its magnificent landscapes and picturesque views, but also ancient temples and monuments, majestic palaces, and interesting museums. Must-visit places include the Angkor National Museum opened in 2007, which is located in Siem Reap. Its exhibition presents archaeological artifacts belonging to the age of the Khmer Empire found in the historical area of Angkor. In the museum halls, you can see the exhibits devoted to the history and culture of the ancient Khmers: stone inscriptions, clothing, jewelry, household items. The museum also introduces visitors to the influence of Buddhism on the lives of indigenous people of Cambodia. … Open
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Public palaces near Siem Reap
♥   Palace 'Residential Palace' Siem Reap, 2.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Palace 'Ancient Palace' Phimeanakas, 6.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo

Unique spots in Siem Reap and near

Balut in Siem Reap Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
In some countries, duck eggs with an embryo are eaten raw, while others cook it. To taste this unique dish, gourmets won’t need to go to expensive restaurants. Balut is a common street food, so you can taste it virtually at any Cambodian market. To make the dish not bland, it’s flavored with salt and pepper, and sometimes served with herbs and leaves of the fresh basil. The taste resembles beef liver. Those brave enough to taste an exotic dish have to consider that half-formed bones and a cartilage of an embryo make a weird crunch, while you chew. … Read further

Angkor Wat

From the series “15 Unofficial Man-Made Wonders of the World”
Carved walls are fascinating. You can see the images of mythical characters, scenes from famous literary works, as well as war scenes along the temple. In total, there are over a thousand unique bas-reliefs on the walls of Angkor Wat. The fact that construction of the temple took a little more than 30 years makes it even more unique. Recent studies have also found out that the process of construction was accurately correlated with a number of astronomical events. … Read further

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