Photogallery of Shanghai, China

Shanghai Summer
Shanghai Summer by Jakob Montrasio @flickr
China town in Shanghai
China town in Shanghai by Aaaalx @flickr
Shanghai Pudong Skyline
Shanghai Pudong Skyline by Bernt Rostad @flickr
Shanghai by Hbarrison @flickr
Shanghai by Hbarrison @flickr
Shanghai by Michaelvito @flickr
Panorama @ astor_hotel
Panorama @ astor_hotel by €¡ M €¡ @flickr
Shanghai by Maidus @flickr
Shanghai First Weekend
Shanghai First Weekend by Kyle Taylor @flickr
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More to see in Shanghai
Despite the fact that Shanghai occupies a vast coastal territory, there are no beaches for a holiday in the city available. This drawback is fully compensated by the variety of entertainment venues. You can find even some unusual entertainments there. Among original entertainment complexes it is necessary to highlight the water Park Playa Maya. Its area is about 200,000 sq. meters. Visitors of the park can try more than 30 exciting rides. The most popular among them remains rollercoaster "Big wasp". For those who prefer to relax without extreme entertainment, there is a worthy selection of beautiful pools, as well as cozy cafes and rest areas. Those who prefer winter sports will like ski pavilion Yinqixing Indoor Skifield. In addition to the high-class ski slope, which length is 380 meters, there are excellent training grounds. The height of the pavilion is 42 meters. It has the premium equipment and is very popular not only amongst guests but locals too. A modern ski lift delivers visitors to the top of the slope. Guests have an opportunity to rent all the necessary equipment. The amusement park Shuzhou Amusement Land is perfect for a family holiday. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Shanghai. The large Park is popular not only because of the huge choice of entertainments but because of an incredible design. It has a small indoor water park, many of the original carousels and a spacious panoramic area. The entertainment complex is literally surrounded by an … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Shanghai

Advices for travellers

20.There are many sellers who try to sell nonsense for a lot of money or offer some services at an unreasonably high price for tourists on the streets. It is recommended refusing such offers. 19. There are pharmacies here, of course. However, it is recommended to take vital medicines with you. 18.You can buy food from hawkers without fear. As a rule, sellers take care of their reputation and the quality of … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

Tea is usually bought from Shanghai products. There are dozens of its types here. It is green, red, white, with various additives and an amazing flavor. If you don't want to go shopping at the market, then look for a Tenfu store nearby. Prices are fixed here. It is not customary to bargain here. You can buy a bottle of local strong alcohol with a snake as a souvenir. However, such bottles are offered in almost all … Open

Shanghai for children - what to visit

If you want to walk among the trees, ride a bike, rollerblade or have a small picnic on the green lawn, then go to Century Park. This is one of the few areas in the city where there is a lot of greenery. You can also take a quiet walk in the Shanghai Sculpture Park. It is worth going here with very young children. This island of calm will allow you to relax and take a break from the bustle of the city. You can … Open

Travel guide to Shanghai

It is possible to buy silk fabric of different shades in local markets and in shopping centers. Dongtai market remains one of the best places to shop. In addition to gorgeous silk and popular souvenirs, this market is a great place to purchase interesting antiquity items and artworks by local craftsmen. Many tourists visit Shanghai to buy inexpensive jewelry, so there is no wonder why the city is home to Sunshine, … Open

Traditions and mentality of Shanghai

Lantern Festival and Memorial Day are also widely celebrated here. Valentine's Day is a very popular holiday. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Double seven days is another name for it. Shanghai tourism festival deserves attention from the annual events. It takes place in September-early October. This festival is dedicated to the culture of China. It is accompanied by … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Broth with various kinds of noodles, vegetables, meat or seafood, or a vegetarian version of this soup is the most popular street food. It is unusual to eat noodles as a snack for Europeans. However, this is one of the most popular options for a snack or lunch here. Many Shanghai residents prefer this dish even for breakfast. If you are afraid to buy food on the streets, you can have a snack in the food courts of … Open

Top sigths of China

Hong Kong is an internationally famous gateway city. Travellers will find here wonderful markets, shops and restaurants. When it comes to sights of the city, Man Mo temple is one of most popular destinations. There are also several museums in the city – the Museum of Astronautic Science, the Museum of History, museums of culture and archaeology, several galleries and exhibitions. Hotel Peninsula is one of most famous modern buildings in Hong Kong. Besides that, there are several botanic gardens, nature reserves and greenhouses in the city. … Open

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