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More to see in Shanghai
Shanghai is great for shopping. There are many shopping centers here. You can find everything you need in them: from European brand clothing to Eastern traditional medicine. If you are looking for European brands' clothes and accessories, it is recommended to go to the Bund waterfront or to the shops on Longhua Street. If you are satisfied with copies of branded things, then you will be able to find many places in Shanghai where pretty high-quality fakes are sold. Tourists are usually taken to the main shopping streets – Huanghai, Beisichuan, and Nanjing. However, it is recommended to try to find places for shopping on your own. Prices are usually much higher on tourist routes but the quality of products is low here. New World City, Raffles City Shanghai, Shanghai Fashion Store, and Super Brand Mall are worth visiting from major shopping centers. These are the most popular centers. If shopping for you is just part of the entertainment program but not the main goal, it is better to pay attention to the shops and malls located near your hotel. You can bargain not only in markets but also in boutiques here. However, keep in mind that the Chinese are very touchy. Therefore, you should only bargain if you really plan to buy an item. The state stores are open from 9.30. They close at 20:00-20:30. Shopping centers are open until 22:00. There is also a feature in writing price tags for products. You will see a peculiar fraction on the price tags for things with discounts. … Read further

Our guide to Shanghai

Attractions and active leisure

Shanghai's nightlife is also very exciting and diverse. Among the hundreds of bars, discos and nightclubs - you can choose any place for having fun to your liking. The nightclub Crawl Shanghai is still at the peak of popularity. People of all ages will like this place. Jazz fans will love the club Jz. The performances of popular music groups are held regularly. Admirers of shopping will not be bored. The choice of … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

You should definitely order pork ribs on fried rice flour tortillas and dumplings stuffed with beans or minced pork from the traditional dishes of the region. Yeast buns with a variety of fillings also deserve attention. They are called "crab" because of their shape and color. Of course, you should taste wonton soup at least once. It is served with pork dumplings, shrimp, seaweed, and egg pancake. It is also … Open

Traditions and mentality of Shanghai

You cannot demonstrate feelings (hugging, kissing) in public places. This is considered rude. Patience, punctuality, and deference are the characteristic of a good upbringing. Hands should be visible when talking. If you keep them in your pockets or behind your back, cross them, then the locals may perceive this as rude. Personal questions are considered the norm here. Local residents will ask you about your family … Open

Travel guide to Shanghai

It is possible to buy silk fabric of different shades in local markets and in shopping centers. Dongtai market remains one of the best places to shop. In addition to gorgeous silk and popular souvenirs, this market is a great place to purchase interesting antiquity items and artworks by local craftsmen. Many tourists visit Shanghai to buy inexpensive jewelry, so there is no wonder why the city is home to Sunshine, … Open

Shanghai for children - what to visit

You should definitely go up to the observation deck of the Eastern Pearl Tower if your child is not afraid of heights. In addition to the magnificent view of the city, there is a glass path here. It is worth noting that not every adult has enough courage to go through it. If your children are afraid of heights, go to the interactive museum of the city's history. It is located at the foot of the tower. If you … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

Tea is usually bought from Shanghai products. There are dozens of its types here. It is green, red, white, with various additives and an amazing flavor. If you don't want to go shopping at the market, then look for a Tenfu store nearby. Prices are fixed here. It is not customary to bargain here. You can buy a bottle of local strong alcohol with a snake as a souvenir. However, such bottles are offered in almost all … Open

Nature and parks of China

Today, due to the rapid development of industry, the natural environment is severely threatened, but in remote locations, it is still possible to find authentic beauty unspoiled by civilization. It attracts not only tourists but also Chinese who want to relax and feel the harmony of the pristine nature. A popular place among tourists and pilgrims from all over the world is Wu Yue. It's five sacred mountains, which were believed to be the place where gods met. Here you can find the famous Shaolin Monastery, the Hanging Temple, and about twenty Taoist temples. Taishan is the most famous sacred mountain, on which Confucius and Mao Zedong climbed. … Open

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