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If you like shopping, then you will definitely like Seoul. If you plan to visit all the local markets, outlets, and shopping centers, you will have to spend at least a month here. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of shops in the city and its surroundings. It is better to exchange some money for Korean won. The card will not be accepted in markets or small stores. However, there are no problems with cashless payments in shopping centers and large boutiques. So you do not have to go with a bundle of banknotes, even if you are planning a very large spending. It is better to choose the time from 10-11 am to 7 pm for shopping. All stores are open at this time. However, large shopping centers often are opened around the clock. Small stores usually don't close until 10 pm in the hope of attracting customers. Sales are held here on a schedule similar to the European one. Seoul Summer Sale takes place in July and August. Only foreign tourists can take part in it. You need to issue a special card for this. It is issued at the airport or at the tourist counters of shopping centers. If you're lucky, you can find a good item for just 30% of its real cost. You can participate in the Korea Grand Sale using the same scheme in winter. You can print a card for this sale from the event's official website. Prices are quite European in local clothing stores. The range is very large here. However, it has its own features. The silhouette is often fitted. Also, there are a lot of … Read further

Our guide to Seoul

Seoul sightseeing

Seoul is an amazing city with centuries’ old history. It is the most populated city and the capital of South Korea. According to historical records, a large town on the site of modern Seoul existed already in the 4th century BC. At that time, it was called Wiryeseong. Subsequently, the city became the capital of Baekje. As it had an advantageous strategic location, the city has kept its important status for … Open

Cultural excursion through Seoul - things to see

The Namdaemun Gate is a very unusual historical monument. It is also famous under another name – the South Gate. Built in 1398, it has become one of the landmarks of the national level. In 2008, the historical monument was badly damaged by fire, and its wooden part was completely destroyed as a result. However, the gate has not lost its popularity and still attracts a large number of tourists. The landmark looks … Open

Top hotels with reviews

Upscale and luxurious hotels make up a significant part of the hospitality infrastructure in Seoul. Each of them offers interesting services and excellent service in order to attract new guests. The luxurious Grand Hyatt Seoul is still popular with tourists. It is located on Namsan Hill, in the territory of a fabulous nature reserve. It is a massive building with a glass facade and a well-developed infrastructure. In … Open

Attractions and active leisure

In order to shop high-quality clothes, perfumes, and electronics, Shinsegae Gangnam is the best choice. There is a small park area with benches and landscape decorations near the entrance to the shopping center. If the weather is fine, it is always crowded there. The Times Square Mall remains one of the most beautiful shopping centers in the capital. Equally stylish and ambitious, the mall will amaze its guests … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

If you don't want to wait for the dish to be cooked in a cafe, you can taste dishes from street sellers. There are most of them in places that are popular among tourists. Simple dishes like shish kebab of meat or fish on skewers are sold here. You can also buy dumplings in the street. These are pieces of dough in hot sauce. Potatoes cut into a spiral on a skewer are also interesting. It is eaten by pouring sauce … Open

Traditions and mentality of Seoul

Requirements are lower for foreigners here. They should follow the local laws and respect the customs of the citizens. Everything will be fine in this case. However, do not be surprised if the locals will try to find out your age and marital status when communicating. This is how the interlocutor determines your social status. An unmarried guy will not be considered a full adult in Seoul. It is also worth … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in South Korea

Cheonggyecheon is a popular location of various concerts and festivals. The Seoul Lantern Festival is one of the most famous autumn events. Large lanterns are dedicated to different themes such as history, romantics, everyday life, nature, etc. It is free to enter the festival. By the way, visitors can attend k-pop shows during the event. It is never boring to visit Cheonggyecheon. Most important, it is absolutely safe because South Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. Visit this area in the daytime, take a stroll, check the schedule of the upcoming events, and return to Cheonggyecheon to visit the events that you like. … Open

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