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sapporo factory Restaurants and cafes of ethnic cuisine are predominating in the city of Sapporo. True eastern cuisine admirers will have an excellent chance to enjoy the greatest assortment of favorite treats. Other culinary trends admirers will discover a good choice of gastronomy establishments in the city as well. The Aji No Tokeidai chain cafes are the most popular in the city being presented in very district. A speciality treat served in these cafes is ramen noodle. It should be noted that the quality of dishes served in small budgetary cafes is rather high. That is why these eating houses are visited even by persons of high rank.
Quite young, but already a well-developed city, Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido. Clear geometrically correct and well-marked structure of the city is built in accordance with the lines of … Open
The Sapporo Beer Garden bar is a rather original and unique eating destination of the city. The bar is located close to the Museum of Beer. Having paid a fix price for entrance the bar visitors may enjoy favorite drinks and treats for one hundred of minutes. In addition to favorite sorts of beer its guests are offered a vast selection of exotic dishes. The Sapporo Beer Garden bar always features buzzing and friendly atmosphere.
Seafood dishes admirers should pay a visit to the Hiraku restaurant. This simple but elegant eating house offers its guests an excellent choice of fish dishes, exotic shellfish and salads made of seafood as well. The Hiraku restaurant features a rich choice of drinks. Among typical ethnic treats the city guests opt for kegani dish being a special type of crabs which is served almost in ever fish restaurant of the city. Copyright
After the Olympic Games of 1972 which took place in the city of Sapporo tourists from other countries have been associating the city with majestic winter holidays. One of the main events of … Open
Those tourists who can not imagine any meal without sweets should visit the Romantei restaurant. All of the speciality desserts offered on the menu of the restaurant feature not only excellent taste but a highly artistic finishing. The Jingisukan Daruma Rokuyon restaurant is extremely popular among the city guests. The eating house specializes in grilled dishes. The menu of the restaurant offers excellent meat dishes, signature vegetarian dishes as well as plenty of excellent desserts and fruit salads.
Sapporo Beer Sushi admirers should necessarily estimate the Hanamaru restaurant and explore its rich menu. Apart from favorite rolls and sashimi its visitors will discover all popular ethnic treats and drinks on the menu. The Mikuni Sapporo restaurant invites city guests to try an alternative cuisine and enjoy an interesting entertaining evening. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine. Its spacious hall is elegantly decorated. It will be a perfect place for organizing of festive banquets and romantic dates. In the evening the guests of the restaurant will enjoy an exciting entertainment program.
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Where to go for dinner in Sapporo: recommended cafe and restaurants

Sapporo Kaniya
Where: Minami 4, Nishi 2, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 222 1117;
Yoitokoro Kitaichijouji Ten
Where: 3&4F, Sapporo chuo Bldg.,Nishi 3, Kita 1, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 261 0098;
Kirin Beer En
Where: Minami, Jyu Jo, Nishi, 1-1-60, Sapporo; Telephone: + 81(0)11 533 3000;
Where: 4, Nishi, 3, Miyako Doori, Sapporo; Telephone: + 81 (011 2617161;
Cam Cam
Where: M’s Space 1F, Minami 2 Nishi 7, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 271-4449;
Tonkatsu Nampo
Where: Kita 30 Higashi 20-3, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 789 9876;
Aji no San-Pei
Where: Minami, 1, Nishi, 3, Daimaru Fujii Central Bldg, 4F, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 231 0377;
Taj Mahal Kita-2 Taj
Where: Seimonkan Bldg. 2F, Sapporo; Telephone: + 81 (0)11 231 8850;
Ra Rai Ken
Where: Minami, Go Jo, nishi, 3 chome, Ramen Yokocho, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 518 2422;

Unique sights around Sapporo

Takinoue Park

From the series “Top 13 Most Colorful and Picturesque Places on the Planet”
The best way to get to the beautiful park is by the nearby hills. Guests can get down from the hut at any time and walk through the territory of the park. The park was named after the nearby settlement of the same name. The first landscape park was laid out on the hillside in 1956. It must be noted that the founders of the park had then only sown the slope with a box of the Schibazakurasamen. Each year more and more seeds were used until the beautiful pink flowers took the whole hillside. … Read further

Cuisine and restaurants in the neighbours of Sapporo

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