Weather in Pyongyang. Actual conditions and forecast

Map of wind conditions for Pyongyang area

Map of Pyongyang temperature forecast

1. You can zoom in to Pyongyang using the '+' button, or check temperatures around the globe by the '-' button.
2. Besides this, you can grab the map by your mouse button and move it to see the temperature in other regions.
This temperature map is centered around Pyongyang. The map is real-time and interactive.

Rain forecast for Pyongyang area

1. Using the control panel above this map, you can check the rain forecast for Pyongyang for any period within next 10 days.
2. Via the top control panel, you can check the following weather parameters: Temperature, Cloud cover, Precipitation, Wind and Pressure.
This precipitation forecast map is centered around Pyongyang. The map is also real-time and interactive.
More to see in Pyongyang
Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea. This large city is situated in the west part of the country. The name Pyongyang means “the place that is always cozy”. When arriving in the city, it is easy to understand why this North Korean city has such a pleasant name. The area near Pyongyang impresses generations of travelers with its picturesque and unforgettable beauty. Indeed, the city is incredibly cozy. Opposite to other capitals of the world, Pyongyang has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. People do not hurry anywhere, and there are not many cars on the streets. Because of this, it is comfortable and trouble-free to visit all major landmarks of the capital and familiarize yourself with the main traditions of the Koreans. According to a local legend, Pyongyang was founded in 1122 BC. This is when the legendary king Dangun established a settlement called Wanggeom-seong. This city was the capital of the ancient state of Gojoseon. However, many historians have doubts regarding this legend and think the city was founded only at the beginning of our age. When the Han dynasty captured the territory of Gojoseon, the emperor established four commanderies in the region. The capital was moved to Nanglang, an area near Pyongyang. The city remained in the shadow until 313 when Goguryeo became the dominating force in the region. The new ruler returned the capital to Pyongyang in 427. Two hundred and forty years later, the Korean kingdom Silla together with the Tang dynasty of … Read further

Pyongyang guide chapters

Pyongyang sightseeing

Are you a fan of art? There is an art gallery on the square named after President Kim Il-sung. The gallery was established in 1954. The venue is eleven thousand square meters large and consists of twenty-two halls, each of which is dedicated to a different theme. Besides them, there is a small pavilion that exhibits paintings by the most prominent artists of North Korea. During a visit to the art gallery, you will … Open

Weather in the region of Pyongyang

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