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Penang is a great resort for active rest, noisy discos and nightclubs. The northern part of the island is the most attractive for tourists as here you will find most popular restaurants, cafes and modern hotel complexes. Here you can also find large shopping malls, shops and several night markets that are open to visitors 24 hours a day.
A major part of spots of tourist attraction on Penang island is concentrated on the territory of the capital of the island George town. However tourists should not limit the exploration of … Open
The north coast is the location of the most popular beach named Ferringhi Beach. Besides water sports guests can enjoy horseback riding or visiting restaurants located on the beachfront. Here seafood is prepared on an open fire, so all dishes are very delicious and unique. The beaches located on the west coast stand out because of their outstanding natural landscapes. Here forests and parks are mixed with cozy bays, and giant riffs literally slam into the coast and make it look like a wild place that hasn’t yet been discovered.
The main shopping area of the island is the town named Georgetown. It is simply full of spacious market squares where you can buy lots of various goods. There are several craft shops and shops that sell antiques. The most popular local souvenirs are mahjong chips (this game is popular among local residents), and female tourists may be interested in purchasing gloves with their name on them. Copyright
Apart from typical for all resorts attractions and entertaining facilities the island of Penang offers its gusts a vast choice of unique ways to spend time. Astonishing scenic nature areas, … Open
To the service of guests of this place are offered numerous tourist routes. You can go to the butterfly park or botanical garden, visit the temples of Penang, or make a walk in one of the old towns. In Georgetown you will find several museums and exhibition galleries, while nature-lovers should go to one of the parks, where they can sit in shadow and escape from the town’s noise.
One of the island's most interesting historical monuments is Fort Cornwallis built in 1786. This historic landmark is connected with the name of the British captain Francis Light who founded the first European colony on the island. According to historical data, the fortress was built in the very place where the captain and his team first landed on the island. Today, a part of the old building is occupied by a museum. It also houses a variety of souvenir shops and cafes.
1. Tourists are advised to avoid visiting the island in the period from September to November as the weather on the island is rather rainy and the chance of hurricanes is rather high in this … Open
A popular tourist attraction is Penang Hill, on top of which is the most famous observation deck on the island. Its highest point is 833 meters. Travelers have several options for climbing the hill: of course, they can do this by car or on foot, but the most interesting option is using the cable car. It has been operating since 1922 and is in itself an outstanding historical symbol. A few years ago, a hotel was opened at the top of the hill, so tourists always have the opportunity to stay here longer.
mortal combat The most famous religious landmark on the island is the Kek Lok Si Temple located in the immediate vicinity of Georgetown. The construction of the magnificent temple began in 1890 and lasted more than 20 years. Since its foundation, it is considered the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. The Kek Lok Si is of great architectural value. The temple's exterior and interior decoration miraculously combine traditions of Thai, Burmese, and Chinese architectural styles.
Another amazing attraction is the Snake Temple. Founded in the middle of the 19th century, it was dedicated to the Buddhist monk named Chor Soo Kong. This monk was a famous healer and animal lover, he gave shelter to all animals that came to his house, including snakes. The main feature of the ancient temple is the huge number of poisonous snakes inhabiting it. Despite such a fact, there were no any snakebite accidents in the temple. Every year, on the monk's birthday, a real miracle happens here - a huge number of snakes from all around the region crawls to the temple. Inside, you'll discover an interesting thematic museum devoted to snakes.
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Sightseeing in Malaysia: things to see

There are interesting architectural landmarks in Malaysia, such as Penang Bridge. The length of the bridge is 13.5km, which makes the bridge the third longest in the world. Travellers are also recommended to visit the largest temple in South East Asia – Kek Lok Si. The temple features a mix of several architectural styles. The Temple of Snakes is a no less important religious building. The temple amazes its visitors with its exotic design and very unusual altar. The altar is covered with tenths of dangerous snakes, but despite that all tourists make memorable photos with the altar. The key to this puzzle is simple – all the snakes don’t have poisonous fangs and thanks to a special incense the snakes are very calm and absolutely not aggressive. … Open
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Map of all shopping areas
Shopping streets in Penang
♥   Shopping area ' Burma Road' Penang, 5.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Shopping area ' Gurney Drive' Penang, 6.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all parks
National and city parks around Penang
♥   National Park 'Korbu' , 134.1 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   National Park 'Kinta' , 134.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   National Park 'Khao Nam Khang' , 136 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   National Park 'Bang Lang' , 137.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   National Park 'Namtok Sai Khao' , 167 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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