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Botanical Garden, Penang - Malaysia 1. Tourists are advised to avoid visiting the island in the period from September to November as the weather on the island is rather rainy and the chance of hurricanes is rather high in this part of the year. The heat of the tourist season is considered to be a period from the mid of December till the middle of February as the island features the most favorable weather. Besides this is a period of numerous ethnic holidays and festivals.
2. A cost for hotel accommodation as well as for different excursions and tours may considerably vary in the course of the year. Prudent tourists should keep in mind that in the heat of the tourist season the prices in local hotels are commonly by half higher than average.
3. The only type of public transport on the island is a bus running almost to every landmark and site. Tourists should avoid remote trips after 20:00 as in the evening and at night buses run in considerable intervals meanwhile in the morning buses appear on the routes at 6:00.
4. The island has adopted such a notion as low season featuring the decrease of the tourist flow. The low season starts on the Penang island in September and lasts till the beginning of December. During this period many museums and landmarks may be closed for reconstruction.
5. Numerous restaurant and shops of the capital of the island accept credit cards. The optimum way to pay for goods and services is national currency. Local banks offer the most profitable rates of currency exchange. The banks operate from 9:00 till 16:00. Copyright
6. Tourists used to European meal should avoid tasting ethnic dishes in large quantities from the first days of visit. The matter is that local treats are prepared with addition of hot spices and herbs which will seem strange to foreign guests.
7. The island features numerous open air cafes so tourists have a chance to try original ethnic treats right in the street. One should opt for that café featuring the longest queue as in this case one may reckon upon the highest quality of meals. As a rule a cost of treats in such street concessions does not exceed 1 USD meanwhile a serving size will be rather impressive.
A major part of spots of tourist attraction on Penang island is concentrated on the territory of the capital of the island George town. However tourists should not limit the exploration of … Open
8. In the heat of the tourist season large stores and shopping centers operate from 10am till 10pm without a lunch break. Tourists should keep in mind that cost of goods on local markets is several times lower than this in upscale boutiques and shopping centers. Besides, markets welcome bargaining meanwhile shopping centers and super markets offer fixed prices.
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Malaysia: travelling advices

7. It is most convenient to take US dollars to the trip. They can be exchanged for the national currency - the Malaysian ringgit. The most profitable exchange rate is in small exchange offices. Cards are accepted almost everywhere.
8. Malaysia is a multicultural country. Its inhabitants respect the religious beliefs of representatives of different faiths. Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian holidays are celebrated at the state level here. You should check the calendar of holidays before you travel, so as not to get into a situation when everything is closed. For example, it will be problematic to have a snack during daylight hours during the Holy month of Ramadan in places where the Muslim population lives.
9. Cycle rickshaw is a unique and inexpensive form of transport that is common in the capital. It is convenient for traveling short distances. Passengers are placed in a wheelchair attached to the side of the bike. There are also cycle rickshaws in Penang. However, they are not in such great demand there. Taxis are very popular here. This type of transport is quite cheap here. It is better to use the services of licensed drivers. They can be identified by the "checkers" and the inscription "taxi" in the car. The payment method is specified in the same place: by the counter ("bermeter") or by the prepayment ("berkupon"). Public transport in large cities and intercity transport links is well developed in Malaysia compared with many other Asian countries. There is no public transport in the Langkawi archipelago.
10. If you are going to visit Melacca, it is better to stay in the immediate vicinity of Jonker Street. It is close to all historical sites. The street is filled with people on weekends and in the evenings. The night market opens at this time. Many souvenirs and crafts, as well as street food, are sold there. It is convenient to explore the city also with the help of a river cruise. It is better to buy tickets and take a boat to Taman Rimba and Muara pier. … Open

What to visit being in Penang - unique sights

George Town Swiftlet Farm

From the series “Top 10 Extraordinary Farms”
According to the opinion of experienced gourmets, the so-called 'swallows’ nests' have an incredible flavor. The main building material is bird’s saliva, which is pretty solid in a frozen state. In China, swiftlets’ nests for centuries considered a sacred food. A few centuries ago only favorites could enjoy it. The unique delicacy has been acquired in the natural way for centuries. One had to penetrate the most dangerous mountains and caves, which the birds chose for nesting. … Read further

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