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Okayama offers more than a thousand shops and malls, so shopping enthusiasts will not be bored here for sure. It's a good idea to start exploring local stores with a walk through the city's main shopping street - Omotecho Street. This street is completely covered, and walking along it, one may get the impression that it is not Japan but one of the European cities. The shopping street is beautifully designed and decorated with stained-glass windows and art installations. Okayama's main street concentrates numerous clothing and shoe stores, as well as shopping galleries selling souvenirs and fashion accessories. Many travelers are attracted to local bookstores where they can find literature on local attractions or the latest travel guides. It is worthy of note that books in English are also available here. Among all the shops located in this street, Hare is of special interest. This one offers wonderful handicrafts, not to mention a rich selection of popular regional products and delicacies. The legendary department store Tenmaya, which has long become a kind of historical symbol of the city, is located in the same street. Its building has preserved its unique architecture dating back over 200 years. Currently, it presents all kinds of shops and boutiques where you can buy clothes of famous global brands or high-end regional products. Tenmaya shopping center offers its customers a lot of benefits and privileges. They can get significant discounts for other stores in … Read further

Our guide to Okayama

Shopping, streets and outlets

In Omiyage Kaido Momotaro, you can buy sweet gifts for loved ones. The store's specialization is the most popular regional sweets. A huge selection of colorful boxes and bags of sweets is always available for customers here. The most unusual and popular among tourists are sweets made from rice and rice flour. An incredibly interesting store is FRUIT HOUSE that is sure to please all fans of healthy sweets. The store … Open

Advices for travellers

12. Summers in Okayama are always hot, but it’s still worth taking some warm clothes with you. They are sure to come in handy in entertainment, cultural, and shopping centers where air conditioning is usually turned on. 13. The traditional cutlery in local cuisine restaurants is chopsticks. Only in some restaurants, foreign visitors are offered western-style forks and spoons. 14. Okayama is famous not … Open

Okayama for children - what to visit

Those who like to walk around quiet scenic places will like Higashiyama Park. This is another picturesque park with many fountains and exotic plants. Beautiful playgrounds with slides and swings are equipped for children here. Visitors to the park can look for many interesting monuments and structures, which can possibly turn into a fascinating activity. Those who want to explore picturesque places with a … Open

Travel guide to Okayama

In the vicinity of Okayama is the famous Bizen-yaki craft center, which can also be visited as part of the tour. Here, craftsmen make unique pottery according to ancient technology, which is the oldest in Japan. All visitors to the center can observe the work of the masters and even buy products they like. Special clay with a unique mineral composition is used for making utensils, which is the main secret of high … Open

Traditions and mentality of Okayama

Okayama residents also cherish customs associated with national costumes. Traditional clothes are worn on all holidays and special occasions. The national costume is an obligatory attribute of the tea ceremony and many other rituals. Throughout the year, Okayama holds many sumptuous holidays, mostly of religious nature. The most unusual celebration attracting lots of tourists is the annual Hadaka Matsuri Festival … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

The city also has several excellent pastry shops, and Motsuaruto is highly recommended to those having a sweet tooth. It serves delicious cakes and pastries, all desserts are distinguished by beautiful decoration. Visitors can try ready-made desserts or order a cake made according to an individual recipe. This cafe is a good place to arrange a wonderful family celebration. The prices are traditionally attractive, … Open

Japan - moving around the country

Bus service is also well developed in the country, although the speed of movement on this mode of transport is inferior to that the train. Buses in the country are always clean and comfortable. The fare is paid to the driver when boarding. In some cities, trolley buses and trams operate. In the largest cities of the country, including the capital Tokyo, underground and surface subways are operational. It is worth noting that the metro in Tokyo is the first metro in all of Asia and so far, it is one of the most congested in the world. If you want to independently regulate your movement around the country, you can rent a car. Although, it should be pointed out that this method of transportation is the least popular here. You will need to have a driver’s license and purchase Japanese insurance. It is worth noting that road signs in Japan are different from European ones, so many tourists find it very difficult to navigate in the left-hand traffic. Moreover, it is very difficult to find parking in large places. … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in Japan

On the third day of March, Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day which is a romantic holiday is marked. The most beautiful tradition attached to this event is the ubiquitous exhibition of dolls. Richly dressed girls doll called “hina ningyo”, are exhibited in houses on specially designed stands helping to recreate scenes from the life of the imperial court. In the olden days, people believed that dolls are capable of driving away evil spirits. Japanese boys also have their own holiday, Tango no sacku or Boy’s Day celebrated on the 5th day of May. On this day, colorful carp images are displayed in the houses symbolizing the strength of spirit and courage. … Open

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