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Odessa meets its guests with numerous gastronomy establishments of different trends. Tourists will find small cozy cafés for sweets addicts, numerous pizza houses for genuine Italian treat fans, several exotic eating houses for genuine gourmands and traditional restaurants for those travelers interested in ethnic cuisine. Among the most in demand restaurants of Odessa the Olio Pizza house is best worth attention of the city guests. The eating house offers genuine Italian pizza baked in a real oven. The house speciality is a real culinary masterpiece. Visitors can complement their meal with a speciality cocktail or a glass of astonishing wine.
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The Golden Fleece (“Zolotoe Runo”) restaurant specializes in traditional European cuisine. Its visitors can set comfortable in soft cozy arm chairs. The hall of the restaurant is decorated in warm cream tones and shades. The menu of the eating house presents popular Ukrainian dishes. The guests will discover an excellent choice of treats of Italian and Spanish cuisine as well. One of the main features of the eating house is an impressive sizing of served treats.
The most attractive city café is the Je To café. Its interior is executed in the inimitable style of the 17th century. The hall of the café is filled with romantic cozy atmosphere, the guests are offered to try and taste speciality desserts and aroma coffee. In the evening the café is filled with music and regular visitors. That is why a table for dinner should be reserved in advance. Sweets addicts will love another cozy café named Confectionary (“Tsukernya”). Copyright
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The café is as well decorated in the impressive style of foregone centuries. Its hall features antique furniture, paintings and live flowers. However visitors are attracted not only with the design of the interior but with a huge shining show window presenting a vast choice of delicious mouth wetting cakes and pies. To complement dainty sweet treats the visitors may order a cup of Brazilian aroma coffee or speciality fruit tea. The city center hosts a popular restaurant named “Basilik” which is a perfect location for a family visit greeting the guests with a vast choice of dainty treats.
The menu of the restaurant offers excellent meat treats, sea foods delicacies as well as a huge selection of salads and desserts. Affordable pricing is one of the major advantages of the eating house. A legendary gastronomy destination of the city and its genuine landmark is a beer restaurant “Gambrinus”. It has been serving city residents and its guests since 1883. Then the main visitors of the pub were mostly boatmen and dock workers. Though since that time many features of the restaurant have drastically changed, still the highest quality beer and exciting speciality treats are still there on the menu. The restaurant features a unique original interior design. Instead of tables the hall of the restaurant is equipped with huge oak casks and instead of chairs the guests of the restaurant are offered small barrels.
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In Odessa, you can try a lot of interesting traditional dishes that have been prepared for hundreds of years. The most popular appetizer is eggplant caviar, which is always served in restaurants with fragrant black bread. A true Odessa dish, which is also a popular snack, is forshmak - herring paste prepared with apples and onions. All the ingredients paste are put through the grinder, and then walnuts, lemon juice, and boiled eggs are added to it. It is customary to serve the dish with croutons, it has a very rich and unique taste.
Guests of local restaurants can try a lot of interesting vegetable dishes, and vegetarians will definitely like bean tzimmes. A key component of the dish is boiled beans with tomato paste, onion, and vegetable oil added to it. All the ingredients are stewed until ready and then mixed in a blender until a homogeneous. Such an original bean stew is traditionally decorated with fried onion rings.
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Pay special attention to fish dishes in Odessa restaurants. They serve amazing fried flounder with vegetables and spices, various cutlets and balls from Black Sea sprat. A popular daily meal for locals is fried gobies. This small fish is usually fried in a large amount of oil until golden crust. Gobies are served with various vegetables or garlic sauce.
In Odessa, fans of meat dishes will be offered to try beef stroganoff. The popular dish can be prepared with various types of mushrooms. In some restaurants, you can try original snack sets called "meze". They serve at least ten bowls and saucers containing small portions of the most popular snacks and dishes. This set will be a great way to appreciate the full diversity of traditional cuisine. A popular local dessert is sweet dumplings with cottage cheese or cherries. Restaurants also offer interesting desserts from seasonal fruits. Visitors to Odessa restaurants will be delighted with a rich selection of original dishes and affordable prices.
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