Sightseeing in Odessa - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. Odessa features a wide network of public transport including buses, trams and trolleybuses. A cost of a bus trip will totally depend of the length of a trip meanwhile a cost of a trip in trams and trolleybuses is fixed. Fare should be paid to a busman in a passenger compartment. A popular city transport means is a route taxi bus which stops only on demand. These taxi buses should be stopped with a hand rise. However the buses can be stopped in such a way only from bus stops.
2. The Tandem bicycle rental center is in demand among those tourists giving preference to active leisure. Apart from two wheel transport the center provides skate boards and rollers.
3. Tourists visiting Odessa for the first time should first set to one of the tourist information offices. One of the best centers is located in the Pushkinskaya Street. The center offers its visitors free city maps and leaflets with descriptions of landmarks and monuments. The assistants of the office will inform the tourists on upcoming cultural events and will help to organize the leisure and touring program of the vacation.
4. Only central streets of the city are safe and sound for night tours meanwhile the remote areas of the city should be explored only in the daytime and only with a guide. Setting off to the city exploration one should not keep valuables by oneself without any need.
5. In public places one should be cautious and beware of pickpockets who are the main problem of the city. Railway stations, airport, in restaurants and shopping centers are those places to keep an eye on begs and overcoats. Copyright
6. The best place to hunt some memorable gifts and souvenirs is one of the local markets as these offer a vast choice of goods at prices which are considerably lower than these in large stores. Bargaining is a must at the markets as this helps to reduce a price for desired goods by 10 – 15%.
7. The optimum way to pay for goods and services is national currency though large stores and restaurants accept US dollars and Euro apart from national hrivna. Currency can be exchanged in one of the local banks or in private exchange offices which are located on the premises of the airport and railway station.
Odessa has so many amazing hidden places, cozy courtyards, and unusual monuments, which not all Odessa natives know about. Just turn into the next lane or a cozy courtyard of a residential … Open
8. Tourists looking for cruising the city by taxi should better call a taxi car by phone. One can take a car in the street as there are numerous “individual” drivers cruising the city. These are recommended only for big companies of travelers. At night one should use only official city taxi services.
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What to visit being in Odessa - unique sights

Odessa catacombs

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
According to some reports, right here in the beginning of the 19th century was made the first quarry. The walls have saved the interesting epigraphs that were made by workers. Another peculiarity of catacombs is that they are united with other natural solutional caves in one complex. Natural solutional caves are interesting not only for speleologists but also for tourists. Odessa catacombs are one of the most twisted and dangerous undergrounds in the world. Even specially trained dogs can’t get form them out by themselves. Today the underground tunnels are used for city needs. There are placed the warehouses of local factories and telephones. … Read further

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