How to spend top weekend in Manila - ideas on extraordinary attractions and sites

Tondo Church

Climb the Ramparts of Fort Santiago

The Spanish built Fort Santiago of stone near the Pasig River in the 16th century. The Japanese used it as a prison. The Filipino hero Jose Rizal spent the night in it before his execution. If you come to the historic district of Manila called Intramuros you will have the opportunity to take a tour of the fort. You will be able to walk around the garden. There is a pond with blooming lotuses here. You can also take photos with a bronze statue of a monk, look at an old Spanish cannon, and a collection of rusted cars. You will visit the Rizal Shrine Museum. You will also be able to climb to the ramparts of the fort. Its height is 6.7 meters. You will enjoy the views of the city and the river.
1. Raining season in Manila is considered to be from June till October. During the season travelers are advised to be backed up with umbrellas as it may start raining out of a sudden. The … Open

Active Leisure on the Beaches of Manila and Islands

You will be able to enjoy not only a passive recreation but also active leisure on any of the beaches of Manila. For example, Subic Bay is located 120 kilometers from the city. You will have the opportunity to go surfing, diving, and boat trips. You can see dolphins frolicking in the waves during a water walk.
You will also get a chance to take a tour to the Islands of Boracay and Bohol. You can take a trip through the coast on a tricycle, conquering the water element standing on a board with a sail on the first of them. You can also visit the observation deck. It is equipped on the mount. If you go to the second island you can see the long-tailed monkeys, admire the chocolate hills, and climb to the observation deck. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the aboriginal village on the sandy beach of Bohol. You will be shown there how to hunt snakes and monitor lizards. You can also go diving, snorkeling, and even rafting. You will be able to watch the dolphins. Copyright
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Tour to Taal Volcano

Taal Lake is located 50 kilometers south of Manila. There is the smallest active volcano on the planet in the middle of it. It has the same name. There is also a small lake in its crater. You can go on a boat tour to the volcano island. You will take a walk to its top later. It will last for 60 minutes. But if you don't want to walk you can rent a horse and use the services of a driver. You will get the opportunity to see how steam comes out of the crater and bubbles appear on the water of the crater lake. You will also enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area.

Visit the Manila Aquarium

You should pay attention to the Ocean Park Aquarium to get acquainted with the marine life of the Philippines better during your vacation in Manila. It was opened in Rizal Park in 2008. If you come here you can visit several pavilions, admire the 35-meter musical fountain, and walk through an underwater tunnel. Its walls are curved at an angle of 220 degrees. It's called the Living Ocean. The length of the tunnel is 25 meters.
Manila is a city located on the Luzon Island. This is one of the most dynamic and modern cities in the south-east Asia. Manila has a very good infrastructure and is known as a conglomerate … Open
You will also be able to choose some interesting activities in Ocean Park. For example, you will get the opportunity to communicate with penguins and feed them, pet a Stingray, swim in the pool among the fish, go diving or feel like a mermaid wearing a removable tail. You can also watch the performance of sea lions and seals. You'll even get a chance to hug one of them. You will be offered to do a fish peeling before you leave the aquarium.
Manila Cathedral

Boat Trip on a River That Flows Underground

You can go to Palawan Island from Manila. You will get to the village of Sabang. You will make a voyage along a river that flows through a karst cave and flows into the sea. However, you must get permission to visit it. It can be issued at the office located on the Sabang Pier. You can reach the cave entrance by boat or on foot through the jungle. You will cover a 5-kilometer path in 2 hours. You will get a life jacket, hard hat, and audio guide once you are near a natural attraction. You will be able to board another boat after that. You will go on a journey through the underground kingdom of stalactites and stalagmites.
Manila is a great place for family holidays. The resort attracts tourists with children of various ages. The entertainment center Seri Fantasy World is oriented towards travelers with young … Open

Pagsanjan Falls Tour

Pagsanjan Falls are located 80 kilometers from the city. You can take a tour of them. Its duration is 10 hours. You can also take a canoe trip along the Magdapio River. You will enjoy the picturesque landscape of its banks. If you get to the waterfalls you can swim in their cool waters. You will be offered to board to a raft made of bamboo. You will be able to explore a small cave. It is located behind the waterfalls. You can have lunch after the tour ends. You will also go back along the mountain river, crossing the thresholds.
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Notable celebrations and festivals in Philippines

A holiday in honor of the Spanish battles with Muslims in the south of the country is held in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte on July 24. The memory of Ninoy Aquino who was a significant political figure in the Philippines is honored in the country on August 12. The third week of August in Kadayawan, Davao, is marked by the Harvest Festival. National Heroes' Day is celebrated on the last Monday of August. This is a public holiday that marks the beginning of the Revolution. Filipinos have fun at an unusual festival of Smiling Masks (Masquerade) in Bacolod in October. This is a carnival with songs and dances. … Open
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Public palaces near Manila
♥   Palace 'Archbishop’s Palace' Pampanga, 3.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Palace 'Palacio del Gobernador' , 3.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Palace 'Coconut Palace' , 4.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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