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Kota Kinabalu Several unique ecosystems are located on the territory of Malaysia. Numerous national parks and reserves have been created to protect them. Oru Sepulot was a little-known place before. It is hidden in the forests of Sabah. It has gained popularity among naturalists in recent years. It is a majestic natural wonder that has inspired many travelers with its beautiful landscapes and the nature of the surrounding region. Extensive areas of greenery, unique flora and fauna are located on the territory. Some areas are considered sacred to the Muruta people. However, they are open to the public today.
Malaysia is one of the best places for people who want to spend their holidays in a bright and exotic way. You can view both historical and natural …
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Bako is the oldest National Park in Sarawak it is located on the northern part of the Muara Tebas Peninsula. Bako accommodates several types of landscapes: from secluded bays to dense mangroves, graceful rocks and swampy forests. Keen wildlife watchers can see the long-nosed monkey (found only in Borneo) and the bearded pig here. Travelers will also see long-tailed macaques, silver monkeys, and small exotic lizards here. There are 16 walking routes for the convenience of tourists.
A trip to Kuching usually includes a visit to the Kubah national Park. Its territory is not very well maintained. But still there are paths, stairs, and bridges for the convenience of tourists. The highest peak of the park is Mount Merapi (Gunung Merapi). The route is quite difficult for beginners. The most popular trail leads through the thickets of lowland rain forest to the thundering waterfall. The Matang Wildlife Center is about 14 kilometers away. It is home to many orangutans and other native animals. Copyright
Malaysia offers a variety of leisure activities for fans of active holidays. This is rafting, waterfall descent, hiking in the rainforest, cycling on …
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Gunung Mulu in Sarawak state is famous for its cave ecosystems. There are amazing formations and 27 species of bats inhabiting the caves. The highest point of the park is Mount Mulu (3277 meters above the sea). The largest grotto in the world is located on the territory of the park. It reaches 70 meters in height. In addition to the incredibly large insects, 270 species of birds, 55 species of reptiles, and 20,000 species of invertebrates live in Mulu.
Blue Hour in Kuala Lumpur The five Islands of Tunku Abdul Ramen National Park near Kota Kinabalu are surrounded by azure waters. This is a popular place for day trips. The headquarters of the marine reserve is located on Pulau Gaya, the largest of the Islands. Other Islands that make up the protected area are Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi, and Sulug. It is better to enjoy scuba diving at remote island of Sulug. All Islands except Sulug have itineraries for travelers. You can see colorful rhinos and eagles on Pulau Gaya. If you are very lucky you will meet a floating family of turtles.
1. Traveling in a rented car is a safe, convenient, and inexpensive way to get acquainted with the country. World-famous car rental companies are …
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Mangrove forest grows along the Selangor River near the town of Kuala Selangor. A huge colony of fireflies chose this thicket as their habitat. The place has become popular among tourists in recent years. The park is named Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Park. You should get on a boat and sail past the mangroves to see the fireflies. You can't see them from the shore. Special weather conditions are needed to observe fireflies. There should be no strong wind or rain.
Melaka Taman Negara is the most famous and popular national park in the country. The most interesting place in the park is the exits to the surface of the salt, where wild animals come to eat: buffaloes, tapirs, wild boars. More than 200 species of fish are found in numerous reservoirs of the park. The giant territory of the Endau-Rompin National Park is the only place in the country where you can meet a rhinoceros. Various primates, elephants, deer, and tigers are also found here. Tourists are not allowed in all areas of the park due to the presence of numerous large predators. The nature of the park has not been fully studied. Scientists periodically describe and classify new species.
Malaysia is a beautiful country with tasty food and amazing people. This is not only a great place for newlyweds and nightlife fans but also a country …
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The highest point in Malaysia is located in the Kinabalu Nature Reserve. The mountain of the same name reaches a height of more than 4,000 meters above the sea. This is the oldest park in the country. It is home to 4,500 species of animals, birds, and plants. Exotic giant leeches and a giant worm live here. Carnivorous plants that feed on insects and small animals grow in the park. This is a popular place among mountaineers. Climbing the mountain usually takes at least two days.
UNESCO Heritage Trail The unique Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, and the Rain Forest Research Institute are located in Sepilok. Animals affected by human actions are kept in a rehabilitation center. There is an opportunity to observe cubs and adults here. Sun bears are under threat of extinction because their internal organs are used in Chinese medicine. Measures to preserve the population of these smallest bears on the planet are being developed at the center.
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Sarawak Bridge

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
The Malaysian island of Borneo features the unique Sarawak Bridge owing its name to the nearby village. Bridge design is truly unique; it is completely built of bamboo, planks of which are attached by thin wires. Railings angled to the base of the bridge make it even more extreme. It’s also worth noting that the structure is quite fragile and can withstand no more than two adults at the same time.

When somebody steps on the bridge, it begins to wobble, but main dangers to people crossing the bridge are huge gaps between bamboo stalks. Holding on the so-called ‘railing’ is very uncomfortable, as it wasn’t meant for this, but to make the structure more balanced. One wrong step and you’ll get familiar with the emerald waters of the river passing under the bridge. It is noteworthy … Read all
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