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Madaba is one of the most notable towns that the Holy Land of Jordan is proud of. Quite often, this town is called by its unofficial name – “the land of mosaics”. Having visited this settlement, tourists quickly understand that this name precisely describes Madaba. Fortunately, many precious Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics have survived here until modern times. The 4th-century map of Jerusalem with the image of the Holy Land is one of the most famous and widely recognized mosaic paintings in Madaba. Besides this masterpiece, more than two million colorful stones formed picturesque paintings that immortalize local hills and valleys. First mentions of the ancient Jordanian settlement appeared yet during the Bronze Age. The Bible mentioned Madaba several times as a Moabite border city. During the reign of the Roman and Byzantine empires in the 2nd to 7th century, the Jordanian city was a part of the Provincia Arabia. The Roman Emperor Trajan established that province. By doing this, he was trying to replace the Nabataean Kingdom formed earlier. The first evidence of a Christian community in the region in the historical documents dates back to 551 AD. This community even had its own bishop. After the formation of the Islamic Umayyad caliphate, Madaba became a part of the southern region of Jund Filastin. This district, in its turn, was a part of the province of Bilad al-Sham. Madaba was severely damaged during a devastating earthquake that happened in the area in 746. … Read further

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There is an interesting museum not far from the Church of Saint George in Madaba. This museum opened in 1978. At a glance, the building, in which the cultural and historical establishment is open, looks unsightly and ordinary. That being said, the museum is really worth the attention. The collection is exhibited in a relatively small hall in a usual residential building. However, despite the modest size, the … Open

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A visit to Mount Nebo is a mesmerizing experience. This is a true pride of the country, a sacred place, and simply a fantastic destination that is, by the way, mentioned in the Bible. According to the Hebrew Bible, this is where God showed Moses the Promised Land. This is also the place where Moses is buried. In this place, beautiful nature meets historic landmarks, so tourists can comfortable admire both. Don’t forget to visit the memorial of Moses and see the temple and its relics. … Open

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