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Medieval fortifications and dense forests, old churches and museums, ancient ruins and priceless mosaics of the Roman Empire are the main attractions of the island of Krk. Numerous historic sites are concentrated in the capital of the island, the city of the same name. The most striking monument of history is Frankopanska castle built in the 12th century; it has perfectly preserved to this day and remains a permanent venue for scenic national holidays. Another famous historical landmark is the Cathedral of the Assumption; it was founded more than a thousand years ago. It is a unique architectural monument, which will enchant visitors with its unique appearance. The old town of Baska is rich in historical monuments; this is where the world famous Baska tablet is situated. It is located on the site of the old church in the immediate vicinity of the village. It is a huge stone slab carved with inscriptions in Croatian. The table is the oldest surviving monuments of Croatian industry; the island of Krk is considered the cradle of Croatian literacy. Fans of historical places would find it interesting to visit the town of Omisalj with its unique archaeological area. It is where ruins of prehistoric buildings are situated, as well as Roman mosaics admired by tourists from all over the world. Another very interesting religious site is the Church of St. Lucia situated near Jurandvor; almost all localities of the island have ancient churches on their territory. Fans of excursions … Read further

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Travel guide to Krk

Travelers having an opportunity to visit Punat should certainly take a chance and take a boat trip. In this city, there is the largest yacht port in Croatia. Tourists can take interesting trips of various durations here. During such a boat trip, many attractions of Krk Island seem very different. Local restaurants of the national cuisine are very popular with gourmets. They are called konobas and are very … Open

Best beaches

Malinska situated to the west of the island is the busiest and the most attractive beach resort. It attracts travelers with its large-scale sandy beaches, incredible Mediterranean views and great entertainment. Most vibrant resort is Haludovo; in addition to a fully equipped beach, its territory represents a decent selection of modern sports centers, stylish discos and bars, so you could have fun all day long. … Open

Advices for travellers

3. Despite the fact that Krk has inherited reputation of a major industrial center, the island never had any industry in the modern sense of the word. These places can boast with unique nature and beautiful scenery, so you can go for vacations safely even with young children. 4. Those fond of spending the evening with a glass of wine in the attractive restaurant have to consider that local dining places close very … Open

Traditions and mentality of Krk

Tourists who visit the island in late May will also have an opportunity to witness an interesting holiday, the annual Wine Festival. It has long been an integral part of the culture, as almost every family makes a great house wine. The festival is attended by the best restaurants and wineries of Krk; the main center of the festival is still the same square at Frankopanska castle. Besides drinking local wines, … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Konobas located in the picturesque town of Malinska are very popular. Porat and Bracera are the most famous taverns there. The well-known restaurant Galtb is situated on the central square of Krk. Its convenient location and an extensive menu have made it one of the most popular dining places on the island. In the immediate vicinity of Baska there is the Volta restaurant; it would surprise not only with wide choice … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Exciting boat trips and visits to the most beautiful natural places are arranged at the port of Punat. Nightlife fans would like vacations in Malinska, where the most noisy and large discos are situated. The most popular venue is Crossroad; it provides a huge bright dance floor and a comfortable seating area. Boa is considered the most stylish nightclub; this is an ideal place for those who prefer to spend time in … Open

Croatia - moving around the country

Despite the fact that Croatia is a rather small state, the Croats built 9 large international airports with the aim of developing tourism. In addition, more than a dozen air harbors function in the country for domestic and charter flights. One of the largest airports in the country is Pleso, located 15 kilometers from Zagreb. Local and international banks, souvenir shops, several cafes and restaurants, ATMs, stores and a post office are situated within its territory. Next to the terminal, there is a taxi stand as well as a stop for regular buses. The next major airport is “Split”. It is located 20 kilometers from the city of Split. The territory of this air harbor also has all the amenities for passengers, including nursing rooms. … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in Croatia

The Croats are patriotic. They are very proud of their nation and honor the freedom they have suffered in a difficult struggle. On October 8, the Independence Day is celebrated in the country. This is a day off. Peaceful rallies and processions are held on the streets. On June 22, Croatia celebrates the Day of Anti-Fascist Struggle. The date was chosen not for an accident. It was on June 22, 1941, when the Sisak detachment was created. That was the first anti-fascist partisan organization in Europe. June 25 is the Day of Power, and August 5 is the Day of Victory and Thanksgiving to the Fatherland. This memorable day arose as the result of the victory in the war of 1991-1995, when Croatia managed to restore its territorial integrity. These days are the most important for the national self-awareness. … Open

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