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Дорога в Керчь Tatar cuisines are widely represented in Kerch, as the Tatar people have lived on these lands from ancient times. For those who want to get acquainted with the national cuisine, it is worth to go to some nice restaurant and trying branded hot dishes, which locals give a special place on the menu. For first dishes here a wide variety is offered, from the usual vegetable soups, to saturated soups with the addition of dough and groats. The classic first dishes of the Tatar cuisine are vegetable soups, as Crimea since ancient times was rich in plant foods. Some of the most popular dishes are soups with noodles and other ingredients from dough.
Kerch is considered the most ancient city of Ukraine. It is in the east of the Crimean peninsula, right on the slopes of the ancient Greek Bosporus Cimmeria, which now bears the modern name … Open
Dumplings for indigenous people, is a special dish, they greet guests. They are served only with broth, and nothing else. In the filling is often added not only meat, but also cottage cheese, and sometimes peas. For the preparation of second courses, meat, potatoes and cereals are increasingly used. Often, the meat that is served on the second course before now was cooked in soup, which is served on the first. Like many centuries ago, meat in national cooking is widespread, but more in boiled or stewed form, than in fried.
"Bales" is one of the oldest dishes of the Tatar cuisine, it is prepared from meat and cereals. Meat should be necessarily fatty, most often for cooking dishes pork is used, and from cereals barley or millet is preferred. Another dish of Tatar cuisine, which now may seem quite exotic, is a finely chopped liver with rice, which is placed in a natural shell and baked. This classic Tatar dish is called "tutyrma". Copyright
Kerch is one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine, and therefore there are many interesting sites that are worth seeing. The city will be interesting especially for those who are fond of … Open
There are a lot of dairy dishes in the Tatar cuisine, however, dough occupies the main place and the Tatars treat it with special respect. The most popular type of baked goods which must be tried is pies with pumpkin filling, in which sometimes millet or rice is added. The filling with pumpkin patty is the most popular, but Tatars bake pies and stuff them with beets and carrots, this combination may seem quite unusual to many. Tea has long become a traditional Tatar drink, without which no dinner or party is held. Tea is drunk by everyone, they are drunk in different versions, and tea simply requires sweets, especially sweets from dough with the addition of honey and nuts.
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Undergrounds of Kerch

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
These quarries were used during the war, it was a shelter for 10 000 soldiers and 5 000 innocent population. This place saved people from the enemies’ fire. People spent there about a year and it was quite hard because the main problem in the wartime was a lack of drinking water. In order to get it soldiers dig the well in the underground with their spades and bars. At the depth of 14 meters people took water. Now this well is one of the most outstanding landmarks of the undergrounds. During the researching it was found out that some of them were built about 1 500 years ago. … Read further

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