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Kaunas at night

Take a Ride on the City Cable Cars

There are 2 funiculars in Kaunas: Žaliakalnis and Aleksotas. The first of them was built in 1931. It is located in the district of Zaliakalnis hill near the Mickiewicz Street. Its lower station is located at 6 Aušros. You will enjoy the beauty of the old clock and the sculpture "Girl with a pipe" there. You will listen to the musical compositions of the composer G. Kuprevichus and admire the city landscape while traveling on the funicular.
Kaunas is very popular with fans of outdoor recreation. Walks in beautiful surroundings are, probably, the most popular form of entertainment offered for tourists. Do not forget to visit the … Open
You will visit the art "Gallery F" and Our Lord Jesus Christ's Resurrection at its upper station. You will be able to climb onto the roof of the church. A wonderful panorama of Kaunas will open in front of you. The second cable car is located in the area of mount Alexotas. It connects its top with the Old Town. It was built in 1935. The cable car is equipped with pre-war cars with wooden seats. It operates from 9 am to 7 pm every day.
If you pay 0.5 euros, you will get to the observation deck. However, if the funicular breaks down, the ladder is created there. You will reach the mountain with its help. The magnificent view of Old Kaunas will open in front of you from here in any weather. You will also see the riverbed of the Neris and Neman rivers, the castle, spires and bell towers of churches, and the hill of Žaliakalnis. Copyright
1. Travelers, who want to visit local parks, are recommended to learn their rules in advance. As a rule, picnics and kindle fires cannot be made throughout the park. Even a vehicle left in … Open

Aerial Walk over the City

You will have the opportunity to view Kaunas from a height if you go for an aerial walk in the basket of a balloon. You can book a trip by contacting the balloonists' club called "Antis". The exciting voyage will last 60 minutes. You will pay 250-300 Lithuanian litas for it. If you decide to take a walk over the city in the summer months, you will do it in the early morning or at a time close to sunset, that is, from 7 pm to 9 pm. This way all the city's attractions look especially amazing.

Extreme Sports in the Vicinity of Kaunas

If you like extreme sports, you will find a suitable activity near Kaunas. For example, there are specialized clubs “Climbing Club” and “Miegantis Drambliai” in Žaliakalnis. You will practice rock climbing there. The adventure park called Lokės pėda is located 39 kilometers North-East of Kaunas. You will have plenty of fun, overcoming the rope route and climbing trees on its territory.
The most famous and largest shopping center in Kaunas is Acropolis. Hundreds of shops, as well as an excellent cinema and restaurants, are represented on its four floors. In total, the … Open
If you drive 16 kilometers east of the city, you will reach the Nemuno Žiedas ring road. You will be able to ride a car at high speed, do drift or take part in an auto-motocross race there. You can also play airsoft if you contact Kraujo broliai. There is a club 39 kilometers south of Kaunas. You will be instructed and choose a skydiving option there.
Kaunas If you pay 150 litas, you will jump from a height of 800 meters, opening a regular parachute with a round dome. If you pay 190 litas you will jump with a parachute-wing from a height of 1200 meters. You will perform a tandem jump with a professional instructor, being at an altitude of 4,000 meters for 400 litas. If you pay an additional fee, you will receive photos and videos of your flight.
Probably, only Vilnius can be called a competitor of Kaunas as in this city you will find as many historical sights and signature places, as in the capital of the country. The old part of … Open

Active Recreation Options in Kaunas

If you want to conquer the water element during your vacation in Kaunas, then rent a kayak and go on a short tour of the main rivers of Lithuania. However, you can visit the city's Impuls sports club and swim in one of its pools. You can also go for a long walk and tour by bike or horse through the suburbs. If you feel that you do not have enough adrenaline, you can increase its level in the blood by taking part in a paintball or laser battle. You should visit the X Fortas and Q-ZAR clubs for this. You will be offered an interesting scenario of a war game in realistic scenery there.
Kaunas Castle, Lithuania

Conquering the Route in the UNO Park

Do you want to feel like a real Injun? Then visit the "UNO" Park. It is open on any day of the week from 10:00 to 19:30 in winter and until 22:30 in summer. However, if you agree with the park staff, you can come here even at night. An entrance ticket for 2.5 hours costs 15 euros. You will pay an additional 4.34 euros during the night hours. If you visit "UNO" you will choose one of the routes. They are marked with yellow, green, blue, red, and black colors. Routes have different levels of difficulty. For example, the "Green highway" passes through a pine forest. You will have to pass 11 tests here. There is also an “Elephant Ride” in the park. You will be thrown up to 16 meters. You need to pay 7.24 euros for it.
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Notable celebrations and festivals in Lithuania

Later, the masters display their items in the Old City. You can see carvers on wood, blacksmiths, tanners, weavers, jewelers, and other artisans. In the times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the first fairs after long winter days were held on that day. In the height of summer, from June 21 to 24, Lithuania celebrates one of the most beloved and revered Lithuanian holidays. That’s Jonines, and only Christmas can surpass it. Festivities in terms of this holiday do not stop for four days. It begins on the day of the summer solstice. Originally, that was a pagan holiday. Many countries have similar holidays, for example, Belarusians celebrate Kupalle; it’s Ivan Kupala in Russia and Ligo in Latvia. At night, people light fires and weave wreaths to make them float. Lithuanians also tell fortune and conduct ceremonies on these days. … Open
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Map of all castles
Survived castles around Kaunas
♥   Castle 'Raudondvaris Castle' , 8.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Castle 'Siesikai Castle' , 58.1 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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