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Kaohsiung is the second-largest city in Taiwan. These days, this settlement is a modern industrial center. Moreover, this is the largest international port in the country. Tourists and travelers enjoy visiting Kaohsiung because besides a great number of shops, restaurants, and vibrant city life that doesn’t slow down after sunset this city has many internationally acclaimed landmarks. The surrounding nature is also amazing and impresses generations of guests. Stunning mountain rivers, high ridges, and numerous secret monasteries hidden among rocks look absolutely mesmerizing. Historical records mention Kaohsiung in the 16th century. It is worth mentioning that the city changed its name several times in the past. Initially, the settlement was famous as Takau. When the Dutch colonized the area, they decided to give a new name to the town, changing Takau to Tancoia. After that, Ming loyalists changed the name to Banlian-chiu. It different years, the settlement was Takau again, then Takao, and after that, finally, it became Kaohsiung. In 1819, the town was already an important center of trade. The strategic location of Kaohsiung and a large port were the main drivers of the economic success of this city. At the end of the 90s of the 19th century, the Empire of Japan captured the city. Once again, Kaohsiung started developing actively under the new rule. The Japanese built a complete industrial hub with numerous crude oil processing factories and numerous steelworks. … Read further

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In Kaohsiung, tourists can attend a truly amazing place that doesn’t have analogs anywhere else in the world. This is Houtong, a cat village. It the past, this was a mining village, but cats have become the main inhabitants of this place. There are more than a hundred cats in total here, as well as twenty former miners who now take care of the animals. If you like cats this is a must-visit place. You can pet, … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in Taiwan

Another national holiday is Qingming, also known as Pure Brightness. On this day, Taiwanese visit the graves of their ancestors in order to honor their memory. Afterwards, they gather in a family circle at a table with the traditional dish “Dan Bing”. The dish is reminiscent of thin pancakes stuffed with vegetables, meat, or seafood. The holiday symbolizes the arrival of warmth and is popular among tourists. Zhong-yuan, in other words Ghost Month, relates to the custom of commemorating the ancestors. In the middle of the seventh lunar month, it is believed that the gates from the afterlife are opened and the souls of the dead enter the world of the living. On a certain day, a “poodoo” ceremony is held, during which the spirits are invited to taste the ritual treats prepared for them. On the last day of the lunar month, the deity Zhong-kui calls the souls of the deceased back to the afterlife, and the people of Taiwan illuminate their way with lanterns launched on the water. … Open

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