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Fish, seafood, cereals, beans, peas, potatoes, milk, and vegetables occupy an important place in the cuisine of Jurmala. The love of local chefs for combining poorly compatible ingredients in one dish is interesting. For example, you can order Bubert dessert in any city restaurant. It is made from semolina, whipped cream, nuts, and cranberry sauce. The result is excellent despite such incompatible ingredients. If you like the first courses, you should taste beer soup with dried fruits. Rhubarb jelly with whipped cream is also very original.
In Jurmala, there are outstanding historical hotels that have been incredibly popular with tourists for decades. Pegasa Pils Spa has become a true landmark of the resort. It is conveniently … Open
Local restaurants will appeal to all who love soup. It is customary to eat first courses for lunch in Jurmala in contrast to most European countries. This is not only the usual versions of fish soup or vegetable soups with meat broth. There are also dairy, bread, and sweet soups here. They are represented by dozens of different types here. Herring is very popular here. Salads are made from it. Herring is added to sandwiches. It is grilled or stewed with vegetables. Fish casseroles are popular in the city. They are mainly prepared with the addition of herring or salmon. However, mackerel, cod, and river fish like carp, perch, or pike are also used.
You should not think that local chefs pay little attention to meat dishes. You can find even such exotics as roast pork piglets, ears, and tails today in Jurmala. Pork jelly and pork knuckle will be a less exotic option. Local chefs also use beef, chicken, and duck meat. They most often roast or bake it. Traditional potatoes and cabbage are the most popular vegetables. Grey peas with speck (baked bacon) appear on the menu in all restaurants in Jurmala at Christmas. However, you can enjoy this dish in many places with traditional cuisine also at other times of the year. Copyright
Jurmala is not the best place for fans of extensive shopping. Prices are quite high here. They are higher in Jurmala than in most major European cities. The choice of branded clothing is … Open
Bread plays a big role in local cuisine. Rye bread is the most popular type of bread. It is most often served on the table, even for large celebrations. However, there is also white bread and such exotics as carrot bread with nuts and dried fruits in local stores. You can also taste jam pies, poppy seed buns, and bagels with pastry. Bread is also used in rather unusual dishes such as yogurts, bread ice cream or soup with whipped cream. You should also taste local cheeses. There are a dozen of them in Jurmala. They are all very tasty.
A porridge-like dish with an unusual name Putra of cereals and vegetables with lard and smoked meat is interesting. Fish add to this dish less often. You should taste an unusual combination of potatoes and cottage cheese. It is popular among residents of Jurmala. Usually, fat cottage cheese is used for cooking this dish. It is stirred with sour cream. You should also taste the farmer's breakfast of smoked loin, potatoes, and sausage. All the ingredients are filled with the egg-milk mixture. The dish is baked in a frying pan. A local type of stewed chicken called Camaro is also interesting. You should also taste black pudding pancakes. Open vegetable pie sklandrausis is suitable for a quick snack.
Jurmala is the largest and the most popular resort in Latvia. Ideal infrastructure and rich cultural life are among the advantages of this city. However, beaches of fantastic beauty with … Open
A fine steak with onion sauce is called "Klops". Bacon rolls are also interesting. They can be served both hot and cold. You should also taste the summer cold soup with sour cream Skabputra and sauerkraut stew. It came to Jurmala from Germany. It is usually served with sausages or meat dishes.
Friends Sweet fans will love the city. You can taste a wonderful cake with cranberries and raspberries or small cakes with cream cheese filling in Jurmala. You should pay attention to the pie with apples and cranberry mousse debesmanna. You should also taste the local ice cream.
Jurmala is a small city. But you will find many places to go with children here. You can start a joint vacation with the Livu Akvapark. It is located at 24 Viestura iela Street. Some … Open
If you want to get acquainted with the traditional cuisine of Jurmala to the full, you should pay attention to local drinks. For example, you should order putels. This is pea or oat syrup with yogurt or cranberry juice. A very popular drink is bread kvass. It is still made by many local housewives. Tea is also very popular. It can be green, black, or herbal tea. It is made from a mixture of lime color, mint, Hypericum, chamomile, and calendula with the addition of honey or sugar.
You should also taste the local beer. The Cēsu and Aldaris brands are popular. But you can also buy products from other manufacturers. Beer courtyards open on summer days. Crackers loved by locals are sold there in addition to beer. You should also taste Riga black herbal balm. Two dozen ingredients are included in its traditional recipe. They are infused with pure alcohol in oak barrels. You can also taste caraway vodka Degvins, tomato vodka, and a variety of herbal vodka. Fans of sweet alcoholic beverages should pay attention to the cream liqueur Charlotte and coffee liqueur Moka.
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