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Japan offers many opportunities for active recreation and entertainment. Tourists can climb Fujiyama Mountain, surf, do snowboarding or alpine skiing, get an unforgettable experience from diving, and after a busy day, relax in a club or karaoke bar. The most popular way of active pastime for tourists in Japan is to climb the Fuji. This promises a huge range of pleasing emotions. In clear weather, a breathtaking view of the neighboring surroundings opens up from the mountain. The route divided into ten stations, is also in demand among the Japanese themselves. The height of the season is in July and August. Climbing Fujiyama early in the morning is not only a test of your own endurance, but also gives an amazing feeling of oneness with nature and other participants of the climb.
Japan is a country with a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Emperor, but his functions are more ceremonial than legislative. The …
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Surfing is popular in Japan. The best time for surfing on the Pacific coast is from April to November, and on the southern islands the season does not close at all. The Japanese are not very fond of windsurfing because of the presence of a sail that gets in the way of complete emotional merging with the waves. Minimalism which is the foundation upon which the eastern philosophy is laid, is reflected in the attitude of the nation towards entertainment. Local and foreign surfers on the Japanese coast are so numerous that in summer the beach is filled with different colors of surfing boards designed with hieroglyphs and traditional Japanese ornaments. Each beach has its own distinctive features. Sennan is loved by amateurs. The height of the greatest wave at its banks reaches 2.5 meters. Chiba on the other hand is visited by experienced enthusiasts and professionals.
In Japan, there are many associations of surfers who often come to organize concerts and parties right on the beach. Fans of diving should go to the coast of Okinawa as this area is best suited for diving. Hiking is also widespread in the country. In many National Parks, there are pedestrian routes of different lengths, among them Chichibu-Tama and Nikko National Park. Interesting tracks are positioned in the Kansai region near the city of Nara and in Gunma Perfecture. Tourists also like trekking in the Yakushima, a picturesque island with rivers and waterfalls that contains mosses, ferns and lianas. You can find giant Japanese cedars that are thousands of years old growing along the hiking trails. Copyright
The actual state language of Japan is Japanese. The locals call it nihonga. It is worth noting that more than 142 million people speak Japanese …
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There are more than six hundred ski centers in Japan, most of which are located near the Onsen (a hot spring and bathing facilities). Many tourists prefer to ride in Hokkaido which is the snowiest corner of the country. The area is accessible for downhill skiing and ski jumping. A more relaxed atmosphere is in Furano where you can also ski or snowboard and go fishing. The Rusutsu region offers; skiing in rubber tubes, trips on snowmobiles and bob sledges, and swimming in pools with artificial waves.
Hiroshima memorial Nightlife in Japan offers a thrilling experience as there are numerous clubs and discos, karaoke bars and Izakaya (Japanese pubs offering an assortment of traditional Japanese drinks). All seekers of night adventures should visit the Roppongi Quarter where there are located many bars, discos, strip clubs, cabaret and other places of entertainment. The Kabukicho district comes to life after six o’clock in the evening when visitors fill the cinemas, arcade halls, manga cafes (where you can read Japanese manga comics), and host clubs (expensive institutions where beautiful rich young men communicate with rich women without a hint of intimacy (sex)).
The Japanese economy today is among the five most developed economic structures in the world. But the Japan’s share of the global GDP is constantly …
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Among the nightclubs in Tokyo, “Womb” stands out. This club is famous for its chic audio system, huge mirror ball and a large dance floor that can hold up to a thousand guests. The club often hosts laser shows. The building also houses a restaurant, bar, and lounge-zones. Guests of Osaka can visit Club Karma where themed parties and fashion shows are often organized. The most popular club in Kyoto is “WORLD” with its amazing light, sound design and a variety of musical styles. Fans of mysticism and all unusual entertainment can make reservation for a night tour of the cemetery Koyasan. A few thousands of chaotically scattered memorials and more than a hundred temples are made available to tourists for viewing. You can even spend the night at half of them.
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Water attractions in Japan
♥   Water park 'Toshimaen Amusement Park' Nerima, Tokyo. On the map   Photos
♥   Water park 'Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise' Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama. On the map   Photos
♥   Water park 'Yomiuriland' Tokyo. On the map   Photos
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Amusement parks in Japan
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♥   National Park 'Bandai asahi' . On the map   Photos
Unique attractions in Japan

Masyukok Lake

From the series “The Cleanest Lakes and Rivers of the Planet”
In Japan, on the territory of Hokkaido Island, is situated one more crystal clear lake – Mashu. It is located in Akan National Park. The lake is surrounded by the wonderful mountain ranges and is densely forested. This crystal-clear lake had formed in a cauldron of the active volcano. The water has deep blue color thanks to the unique mineral composition. Hundreds of tourists visit the lake daily. Walking in the park with a guide, you will hear an interesting excursion about the Park and its peculiarities.

Also you can see a number of rare plants and animals in the mountain regions. Summer is the best season of the year for visiting this place. However, in winter the Park opens from the other wonderful sides. The cauldron lake Kushiro has also placed on the territory of Akan National … Read all


From the series “Permanently Sinking Cities and Regions”
Tokyo is also in a danger of destroying floods. The main threat goes from the Ibaraki Prefecture. For several years in this region has been forming the strong rain fronts, downpours. All these caused the river Kinugawa to overflow the banks. The strongest rails drop down upon the city in summer. Throughout several hours from the beginning of the shower, the streets turn into the rushing streams.

Specialists and the city government note that such floods could lead not only to horrendous human and material suffering and loss but also can lead to the serious industrial and economic problems. Year by year, it became harder for locals to return to the former pace of life back after the next flooding. People spend several months and a huge sum of money in order to reorganize their shops, … Read all
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