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Hurzuf Representatives of different nationalities live in Gurzuf, and therefore the cuisine here is very diverse. After the conquest of the Crimean peninsula by the Russian Empire, Russian peasants moved here who then introduced the local population to traditional Russian dishes. Okroshka, borsch and pancakes are still very popular dishes, offered in many restaurants of the resort. Of course, the basis of local cookery is the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine; restaurants of this direction are the most common.
1. Guests of Gurzuf have an excellent opportunity to visit Simferopol, with which the resort is connected by regular trolleybus service. The nearest resort villages can easily be reached by … Open
Among the classic Ukrainian dishes is popular aromatic and rich borsch with lard or dumplings, one plate of this hearty dish can satisfy you all day. Local chefs prepare a lot of interesting culinary masterpieces from meat and poultry. In each national restaurant guests are offered "vareniki" with cherries and elegant sweet pies.
There is also a lot of ethnic Crimean Tatars in Gurzuf, whose cuisine somewhat resembles the Mediterranean one. The basis of their cooking is meat dishes, for the preparation of which pork is mainly used. One of the most popular Tatar dishes is Sarma - small stuffed golubets with meat, wrapped in grape leaves, specially soaked and pickled. To supplement this dish is best with a light semi-dry wine, which in Gurzuf is an incredibly popular drink. Copyright
Gurzuf - one of the popular Crimean resorts, where every summer thousands of tourists come. The average annual air temperature here is exactly the same as in Nice, but precipitation falls, … Open
Uzbek restaurants are also popular in the resort, where you can try excellent pilaf, cooked according to the classic recipes of manta and samsa, as well as a juicy shish kebab. The Greeks also influenced the formation of Gurzuf's culinary traditions, and therefore in many cafes visitors are offered a classic Greek salad and cheese assortment, the ideal addition to these dishes will be local wine.
Hurzuf An attractive modern resort is not devoid of the fast food restaurants that are familiar to many travelers. Distributed here and a variety of cheburek house, which has long been chosen by adherents of budgetary vacation. On the way to the beach you can find a lot of traders who offer fresh homemade cakes and wine, it enjoys incredible popularity among travelers.
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Unique sights around Hurzuf

Gorge Maryam-Dere

From the series “ Survived Artifacts of Early Christian Civilization”
Close to the place where the icon was found, the first cave temple was set. The monastery was founded later. Since its founding, the Assumption Monastery has been a special place. Even during the Russian-Turkish war it managed to avoid looting and destruction. Only in the post-revolutionary period, the monastery fell into disrepair. For several years, the neuropsychiatric boarding was situated there. … Read further

Balaclava Naval Base

From the series “Famous Abandoned Military Bases and Forts”
The military base is located in a picturesque bay. In 1993 it was completely abandoned. Local residents dissected most of the complex into scrap metal and in 2002 the museum was opened in preserved buildings. The main expositions of the museum are the things connected with the work of the military base. In the museum one can see collections of old photos, submarine models, old anchors and military uniform, as well as the factory equipment obtained. … Read further

Inkerman Cave Monastery of St. Clement

From the series “ Survived Artifacts of Early Christian Civilization”
After the death of the martyr Clement his relics were transferred to the church. A few years later, his followers founded a monastery that still operates today. About 10 monks constantly live there. The main treasure of the monastery are relics of the saint. During hundreds of years the monastery experienced many historical tragedies. It was captured and sacked by the Turks. It was completely reconstructed only when the territory was re-conquered by Russia. … Read further

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