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Hurzuf Gurzuf Valley is incredibly beautiful. Here there is very clean air and exotic vegetation, which makes this area attractive in the eyes of environmental tourists and ordinary lovers of recreation in picturesque places. An original symbol of Gurzuf can be considered to be the cliff-twins Adalara and Mount Ayu-Dag. At the foot of this mountain is the famous children's camp "Artek". The rest of the strip is occupied by popular sanatoria, including "Pushkino" and "Gurzufsky".
1. Guests of Gurzuf have an excellent opportunity to visit Simferopol, with which the resort is connected by regular trolleybus service. The nearest resort villages can easily be reached by … Open
A separate attraction of the resort village is the embankment, which is ideal for leisurely walks. At the height of the tourist season on the waterfront there is always a lively atmosphere, the guests of the resort come here to admire the coast and buy memorable gifts. On the waterfront are the most popular restaurants and bars where you can dine, dance, listen to music or just sit on the terrace while admiring the sea. There are a lot of bars and discos in the resort, and every institution tries to attract visitors with a special entertainment program.
The main value of the famous Crimean resort was and remains beaches, the most popular among which is the "Artekovskiy", or, as it is more often called now, "Gurovsky Kamny". The beach will appeal to those who prefer a "wild" holiday. At the height of the tourist season in remote parts of the beach, tourists set up tents and spend the night at the very shore of the sea. There are also equipped beaches in the resort, which, in addition to standard equipment, can offer tourists a lot of interesting entertainment. Copyright
Gurzuf - one of the popular Crimean resorts, where every summer thousands of tourists come. The average annual air temperature here is exactly the same as in Nice, but precipitation falls, … Open
The village itself is very small; you can get around it all in just a couple of hours. The winding streets of the village are ideal for hiking, during which you can find a lot of interesting shopping tents and cozy places for recreation. An important feature of the resort is the abundance of artists who are located directly on the city streets and write local landscapes. Their work is in demand among holidaymakers. In Gurzuf you can order an excellent portrait or picture. You can walk around the beautiful park of the sanatorium "Gurzufsky" as much as you like, it is considered the most picturesque park of the South Coast. The park was decorated with ancient trees and beautiful fountains, this is one of the most romantic and quiet places in the resort. People of different ages and preferences will like to rest in a cozy and picturesque village.
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Swallow Nest

From the series “The Most Wonderful Castles and Palaces”
In a few years the castle changed several owners. Originally, it belonged to a Russian general who was glorified during the war, and later - the court physician AKTobin. Among his owners were the Russian merchant Rakhmanina, as well as the oil industry Baron Steingel, who created the modern exterior of the picturesque castle. The Baron has begun the great reconstruction in the early 20th century. Already in 1912, the reconstruction of the castle had ended. At the order of the baron a small garden next to the tiny castle, which later fell after the strong earthquake into the sea along with a part of the rock. … Read further

Mishor AI Petri

From the series “The Longest Ski-Lifts and Cable Trams in the World”
Construction of the cable car began in 1967; the original project needed substantial amendments. The country through which Mishor Ai Petri passes is incredibly picturesque and complex at the same time; it was very difficult to organize a cableway along high cliffs. The cable car runs two cabins, each of which can accommodate 35 people. … Read further

Cave City Mangup Kale

From the series “ Survived Artifacts of Early Christian Civilization”
Many magnificent palaces and temples were built on this rocky plateau. The ruins have the main historical value today. The Orthodox principality of Theodoro was formed in 12-13 centuries. The thriving city was declared a capital of the principality. An active development of a religious and cultural sphere continued until 1475, when, after six months of continuous siege, the city finally surrendered to the Turkish conquerors. The once thriving and rapidly developing city was totally deserted in the 18th century. Since then the rocky plateau is peaceful and quiet. … Read further

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