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International financial center

From the series “The Highest Buildings in the World”
International Finance Centre in Hong Kong can safely claim to be one of the most beautiful skyscrapers of the planet. This one like many other high-rise buildings in Asia is built in accordance with the Cantonese tradition - it has 88 floors and its height is 420 meters. The grand skyscraper was completed in 2003; it has being remaining one of the most attractive tourist sites in Hong Kong for more than ten years.
As for Cantonese tradition, it’s worth noting that the building has no 14th and 24th floors, as these numbers are considered unlucky. All other floors are present; they are occupied by first-class hotels and business centers; amazingly popular ifc Mall is situated there too. Travelers who wish to diversify shopping trips with interesting cultural events have to climb to the 55th floor of a skyscraper. There they can find a very interesting exhibition dedicated to history of money.
International Finance Centre is a real godsend for shoppers. More than a quarter of the building, or rather, 22 floors are taken in by a variety of stores and shopping pavilions; ifc Mall itself occupies four floors of the building. A pleasant surprise is waiting for fans of riding on panoramic elevators and admiring views of the surrounding area. International Finance Centre is one of the few buildings in the world that uses double-deck elevators. ... Complete sights collection

Cullinan Hotel

From the series “The World's Tallest Hotels”
Hong Kong is rich in "stunning" hotels. Guests are welcomed by the famous Cullinan Hotel. It is the highest hotel in the country and occupies two similar twin skyscrapers with a height of two hundred and seventy meters. In the sixty-eight-storey skyscrapers they furnished the luxurious rooms from which a perfect panoramic view of the Victoria gulf opens up. It was decided to call the skyscraper complex in the honor of the largest diamond in the world - Cullinan.
The impressive modern skyscrapers look just as impeccable as the beautiful diamonds. The rooms and the luxurious apartments are oriented to the richest tourists. The construction of the twin towers began in 2002, and six years later the hotel served its first guests. It is interesting that the grandiose architectural project was not completely finished. The architectural complex is already awaiting serious renovations that will require investments of 2.5 million dollars. In addition to the hotel, in the skyscrapers you will find office space and luxurious apartments. ... Complete sights collection

Tai Long Wan

From the series “The Hidden and Hard-To-Reach Beautiful Beaches”
In China, there is also a beautiful beach, the way to becoming an unforgettable adventure. It is the beach Tai Long Wan. The fact that one of the most man-made beaches in the world is in Hong Kong seems just unbelievable. The beach is located in the bay of the same name, which remains empty even in the high season during the weekend. The distance from the bustling districts of Hong Kong is not the only reason why the beach is weakly visited all year round.
This coastal stretch is characterized by the rather strong undercurrents, and the great waves here almost never cease. The bay is popular among the surfers and the followers of the quiet rest. Although the beach is just 30 km from Hong Kong's bustling districts, the way to Tai Long Wan is not easy. The beach is located on the Sai Kung peninsula, on most of whose territory is the nature reserve with the impenetrable jungle.
There are no trails in the nature reserve, so you can only walk to the coast. The trail through the nature reserve takes at least an hour and a half. On the way, tourists can not only see the unique sights of natural origin, but also the deserted villages. Most holidaymakers prefer the easiest way and go along the coast with the cutter. The experienced tourists also know the beautiful waterfall, which is located next to the beach and is part of the current of the river Scheung Luk. The waterfall forms the magnificent natural pool in which one can also swim. ... Complete sights collection

Golden Toilet

From the series “Public Toilets, Who Makes it Extravagant”
In Hong Kong one can fulfill the longing dream of many millionaires and sit on the golden Klobecken. For this one must find the unique business 'Goldenes Haus' on the streets of the city. In this shop is the unique toilet, which is made from the Reingold. Every detail of the interior in this toilet is the jewel, including the golden, in the center Klobeckens. The floor planted with the gold bars, the walls tiled from the gold tiled walls, and even the golden toilet brush placed next to the toilet seat-such a strange wardrobe can only be seen in the Hong Kong jeweler's shop.
The unusual toilet was opened in 2001. For its design, about a ton of the Reingold was used. In addition to the precious metal, about 6,000 precious stones were also used in furnishing the toilet. The toilet, decorated with rubies, emeralds and sapphires, is simply magical. Although two golden cobblocks weighing 280 kg can function normally, not all visitors can use them properly.
The golden toilet can be seen. Before the entrance visitors have to take off the shoes, which can damage the brittle gold cover. For 20 dollars you can put on the golden cloaks with the clothes. The need for the most expensive public toilet in the world can only be paid by those visitors who spent at least 200 dollars in the jewelery business. The author of the unusual Goldtoilette is the well-known Jewelermagnat and owner of the business Lam Sai Wing. For more than ten years impressive the chic golden toilet the rich buyers and the ordinary tourists. ... Complete sights collection

Repulse Bay

From the series “Dangerous and Treacherous Beaches That Can Be Lethal”
In Hong Kong is the infamous beach Repulse Bay - one of the most polluted and dangerous beaches on earth. At the beginning of the 20th century active construction was carried out on the territory close to the coast. All waste from construction sites was thrown into the sea. Only a decade later, a once incredibly beautiful and quiet coastal stretch became a terrible garbage heap. Bathing on the Repulse Bay is also very dangerous nowadays.
Within easy reach of the coast is one of Hong Kong's newest and chicest districts, the location of the impressive skyscraper, luxurious restaurants and shopping centers. A few years ago the clearing of the picturesque coast was started by the garbage, so the beach now looks much better than 10 years ago. The water is cleaned just as carefully, but its pollution level is still very high.
Repulse Bay is a shallow beach and therefore attracts many local children. The children who play along the coast often include the tourists who prefer most of them but only walk on the picturesque promenade. One of the most attractive features of the beach is the numerous nearby fish restaurants. Your menu can even impress the experienced gourmets. Many travelers come here specially to enjoy the rare sea food. ... Complete sights collection

Swallow Nest in Hong Kong Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Those who prefer the most expensive and exquisite delicacies have to taste a soup of swallow nests in China. A special kind of nest of swifts - swiftlets - is used to cook a delicacy. These birds build their nests in a special way; they form them out of saliva, which tends to harden quickly. Birds build shelters in very remote mountainous areas where access is not easy even to common predators, not to mention a man.
Gathering swallow nests in Asian countries is one of the most dangerous kinds of fishing. There are cases when people slip out steep cliffs and die. For this reason, nests of swiftlets are very expensive. Properly cooked meal of them is much more expensive. Travelers can also taste swallow nest soup in Japan and Malaysia. The business of breeding swiftlets is considered one of the most profitable activities among Malaysians.
Swallow's nests are often referred to as a white gold, because the cost of a kilogram of this delicacy is about 3 000 US dollars. Wealthy gourmands, who will order the soup of the swallow's nest in one of the elite restaurants, will have a plate of jelly-like muddy soup. It differs with quite a specific taste, which doesn’t please people. An appetite is usually spoiled by just looking on a slippery jelly-like mass. Guangdong is considered to be the homeland of this culinary masterpiece. There, many fans of exotic dishes prefer to taste the soup of swallow nests. The cost of the treat is usually around 100 dollars per serving. ... Complete sights collection

Kowloon Walled City

From the series “Deserted Places Causing the Feeling of Chill”
There are lots of abandoned industrial areas in China. ​​Kowloon located in Hong Kong is considered a special area among them. It is not by chance called the Fortress City. That's a real city within a city that for hundreds of years hasn't obeyed to the authorities and has been entirely run by a mafia. In 1994, all the inhabitants of the district were resettled, and some of the old buildings were demolished. At the same time, several historical constructions survived. Today, absolutely everyone can stroll along the deserted area.
Even 30 years ago, tens of thousands of people were living in Kowloon. The area was considered criminal one. The main means of income of local residents were drug trafficking, prostitution, and gambling. Hong Kong residents called this place it the City of Darkness. In the 70s of the last century, the Walled City was the most densely populated settlement on the planet. The area is very small; its length was only 213 meters, and width was 126 meters.
Surprisingly, this tiny piece of land was inhabited by about 50 000 people. It housed more than 1 000 small factories, shops and schools, as well as a kindergarten, and even a nursing home. It was decided to settle an area because of the high crime situation. Today it's territory is occupied by the park. One of the first journalists who made the Kowloon area world famous, was Greg Gerard. He made a series of spectacular photographs of abandoned buildings. Today, many tourists come to Hong Kong specifically to take a walk on the roofs of the abandoned area and look into old houses that have been very lively until recently. ... Complete sights collection

WET Pool

From the series “Most Scary Swiiming Pools”
The original WET Pool is available to guests of the designer W Hong Kong hotel. It was equipped on an open platform. It seems completely unreliable at first glance. There are no high ledges in this pool. A lot of people swim in the pool. Water literally splashes over its edge. Small fountains enhance the thrill. They are installed at the edge of the pool. Splashes from them also fly over the edge.
The WET Poop is a very attractive and stylish swimming pool in other aspects. Spacious wooden terraces are equipped around it. Large sun loungers and umbrellas are provided. A very spectacular art painting adorns the walls of the pool. Spectacular lighting complements the art wall in the evening.
The WET Pool is located on the 76th floor of the hotel, at an altitude of 211 meters. You can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city streets and the lively port area while relaxing on the open platform. The luxury W Hong Kong hotel is very popular among luxury travelers. It has its own Spa. There is also a relaxation area with an outdoor Jacuzzi, in addition to the unique pool. It is important to note that only purified seawater is used to fill the pool and Jacuzzi in this hotel. ... Complete sights collection

Lippo Centre

From the series “Famous buildings of Postmodern architecture”
Lippo Office Center is located in Hong Kong. It is also a striking example of the postmodern style. It is a complex of two towers. One of them has 48 floors, the other – 44. The highest of the two towers of the complex has a height of 186 meters. The author of the project of the office center is an American architect Paul Rudolph. Investments in the implementation of the project amounted to about 58 million US dollars. The construction of the complex was fully completed in 1988.
Skyscrapers also have an unofficial name. They are known as "The Koala Tree" to many travelers. From a distance, they look like tall trees, the trunks of which are hugged by koalas. The multi-faceted facade of the skyscrapers is completely lined with mirror tiles. It is especially interesting to admire the architectural complex on a sunny day. The offices of well-known companies, including international ones, have been located in skyscrapers since their construction.
Hong Kong residents are ambivalent about skyscrapers. Many believe that they do not comply with the principles of Feng Shui. The interior design of the office center impresses with elegance and luxury. Valuable types of marble were used for interior decoration. There are many decorative elements and glass partitions in the office center. They allow expanding the space visually. A spacious lobby welcomes visitors outside the front doors of the office center. Huge floor vases with live plants are installed there.
The walls are decorated with bas-reliefs. There are also huge paintings by contemporary artists here. Despite the business status of skyscrapers, decorative lighting was actively used in the design of their interior spaces. It makes the environment more relaxed in the office center. Many large companies around the world are looking to have their office in Lippo Office Center today. It is considered one of the most prestigious office centers in China. Foreign consulates are located in skyscrapers today. Several thousand people come to work here every day. ... Complete sights collection
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