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Detailed map Hong Kong
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Map  Hong Kong
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Local people are very sensitive to issues related to education. A person with a prestigious profession is respected by everyone. Teachers are all considered to be wise men. Local people tend to be very conservative. They are not big fans of innovations and keep honoring the customs of their ancestors. Even long-term influence of western culture could not break down the relationship of local people with their religion and culture. They have borrowed the best from the Europeans, at the same time retaining their spiritual values. Public opinion is very important for the residents of the city. Even people from not rich families always organize posh celebrations, and wedding ceremonies here often look like royal events – getting admiration of others is very important for local people. Hong Kong people are very superstitious, because of the influence of old traditions and customs. They believe in destiny, numerological studies and think that evil spirits can be the cause of harm and unhappiness. You will certainly see religious attributes and charms in nearly each house. They are necessary to attract good luck. Many national amulets have spread to other countries. The "money" tree is, probably, the most striking example. There are really many interesting festivals, fairs and …
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Swallow Nest in Hong Kong Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Those who prefer the most expensive and exquisite delicacies have to taste a soup of swallow nests in China. A special kind of nest of swifts - swiftlets - is used to cook a delicacy. These birds build their nests in a special way; they form them out of saliva, which tends to harden quickly. Birds build shelters in very remote mountainous areas where access is not easy even to common predators, not to mention a man.

Gathering swallow nests in Asian countries is one of the most dangerous kinds of fishing. There are cases when people slip out steep cliffs and die. For this reason, nests of swiftlets are very expensive. Properly cooked meal of them is much more expensive. Travelers can also taste swallow nest soup in Japan and Malaysia. The business of breeding swiftlets is considered one … Read all

Repulse Bay

From the series “Dangerous and Treacherous Beaches That Can Be Lethal”
In Hong Kong is the infamous beach Repulse Bay - one of the most polluted and dangerous beaches on earth. At the beginning of the 20th century active construction was carried out on the territory close to the coast. All waste from construction sites was thrown into the sea. Only a decade later, a once incredibly beautiful and quiet coastal stretch became a terrible garbage heap. Bathing on the Repulse Bay is also very dangerous nowadays.

Within easy reach of the coast is one of Hong Kong's newest and chicest districts, the location of the impressive skyscraper, luxurious restaurants and shopping centers. A few years ago the clearing of the picturesque coast was started by the garbage, so the beach now looks much better than 10 years ago. The water is cleaned just as carefully, but its … Read all
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