Colors of Hiroshima - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Hiroshima It should be noted that rules of etiquette in Hiroshima are very different from those that take place in a number of European cities. It would be useful to learn about some intricacies of the local culture and accepted rules of behavior to show respect for locals and avoid awkward situations.
Not many people know about amazing sights of Hiroshima that can leave an unforgettable mark on everyone. The unearthly beauty of Nijo Castle built in 1593 and its museum in the main … Open
Thus, it is inadmissible to enter the house in shoes for outdoor walking, as it is considered a sign of bad manners. It may seem strange to many foreigners, but it is also unaccepted to bring soap to the bathroom; locals prefer to take a shower. In general we can say that locals are very scrupulous in matters of hygiene, they always want to look neat and keep the house in good order.
One of the most striking and recognizable national characteristics is eating food with chopsticks. Locals manage them so cleverly that you would be carried away by the sight of their movement. European cutlery is served in many local restaurants; you will certainly need to ask for it, if you are not sure that you could cope with unusual chopsticks. Copyright
Those who are fond of Japanese cuisine and exotic oriental delicacies would enjoy their stay in Hiroshima. There are more than three hundred different restaurants and cafes in the city, so … Open
During the meal, don’t stick chopsticks upright in the rice, as it is considered one of the most common and serious errors. According to local rules of etiquette, you shouldn’t eat on the go; eating is accepted only in designated areas, restaurants or spacious terraces of many outdoor cafes. It is noteworthy that smoking is allowed in literally any place, except for enclosed spaces and public transport.
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome Foreign visitors may notice that locals greet each other with a bow; its depth reflects the degree of respect to the opponent. This form of greeting isn’t compulsory for foreign visitors; it would be appropriate to use a customary handshake.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the main attraction of Hiroshima known far beyond the city. Its area is about 120 square kilometers. There are several important cultural sites at the park. … Open
Those who are going to attend local religious sites should take into account several important rules. Despite the fact that pretty easy-going atmosphere reigns in local temples and shrines, you must be quite there. Don’t enter the temple’s territory in shoes; it should be left at the entrance or put in a bag and taken with you. You should choose an outfit carefully too; it shouldn’t be low-necked and provocative. Local rules of conduct are very simple and intuitive; often it is enough to watch locals to be in the picture.
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National traditions of Japan

The isolated location of the Japanese nation is reflected in their National character and traditional way of life. The longevity of the Japanese, low level of violence in the country, homogeneity of the ethnic composition of the population – these are what immediately captures your attention and create a very special impression. At present, Japan is the only empire in the world that till date piously honors its traditions and at the same time achieves a tremendous success in the development of technologies and its overall economic standing. The reasons for such an amazing combination of the legacy of the past and the achievements of the future become more apparent if one knows more about the uniqueness of the Japanese National Character. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Hiroshima

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