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Today, Hangzhou is the economic and commercial center of all of Eastern China. More than nine million people live in the city. The number of shopping centers, markets, galleries, and supermarkets is so large that even the most meticulous traveler will not be able to get around them all in one vacation. The main reason for this number of stores is not only in the city's past. It has attracted merchants for many years. The number of shops, shopping centers, and markets is also reflected in the love of modern Chinese people for shopping. Most of the local retail outlets are designed specifically for citizens, but not for tourists. So be prepared to communicate using sign language.
Many important dates for the Chinese are celebrated on a large scale in Hangzhou. For example, one of the largest and most colorful Dragon Boat Festival across the country is held here. No … Open
Unfortunately, most sellers do not know English. If you don't speak Chinese, you should definitely install the app on your phone. It allows you to translate hieroglyphs. Unfortunately, instructions in English, French, or any other European language are simply not attached to many interesting local products. Please note that the price, especially for souvenirs, is not final in markets and small stores. It is customary to bargain here. If you don't know the language, you should write the amount on your phone or calculator screen. The seller will understand you.
You can also find traditional night markets in the city. In addition to all sorts of goods, ready-made food is sold in abundance there. Many sellers entertain visitors with magic tricks and masterclasses. You should also visit the bazaars. Silk and fish have been sold here for several hundred years. Ultra-modern stores also deserve attention. The entire selection process takes place in virtual reality there. A special terminal allows collecting payment for purchases automatically. You can buy almost anything here – from cool fancy electronics to time-tested ointments and tinctures based on traditional Chinese recipes. Copyright
For decades, remarkable West Lake has been the most frequently visited landmark in Hangzhou. The lake is also famous under one more name - Xi Hu. Many years ago, it was located in the heart … Open
If you plan to go shopping in Hangzhou, you should understand that many stereotypes about Chinese products are wrong. You can buy a high-quality DVR or phone here. These products will be stable for many years. Many local products are of the same quality as their foreign counterparts. But on the other hand, you can also buy a gadget that breaks down a day after returning home. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how products from local manufacturers will function. Also, you should not think that you will find fancy laptops or smartphones at low prices in Hangzhou. Chinese doesn't mean cheap. Electronics cost about the same here as in Europe.
Hangzhou Hangzhou silk is one of the most famous local products. There are many shops in the city, where apart from it, you can buy Hangzhou brocade. You can purchase fabrics at the factory. Many sightseeing tours will take you there. You can also buy these items at local stores. The general rule is to have a translator and look carefully at the label. The fact is that local trade rules require sellers to specify the composition of the product. They are strictly observed here. So you will see all the information about the fabric on the label. You should not rely on the words of the guide. He can recommend semi-synthetic silk or brocade.
Hangzhou is ready to offer everything needed for an interesting and diversified vacation. The choice of entertainment, unusual shops, and miraculously beautiful parks will please even … Open
If you want to buy some antique service or statuette "with history" in the city, you should go to the state stores. You should definitely apply for a permit to export your purchase from the country there. However, you can also buy chopsticks, scrolls, and cases for them, lacquered boxes, fans, porcelain for a fairly affordable price as a souvenir. However, do not expect high quality from such goods. But they are not bad for interior decoration.
West Lake Hangzhou If you are interested in unique things, you can buy an individual seal or writing accessories in the society of seal carvers "Silin". They sell goods in their own museum. You can buy everything for silkscreen printing and drawing there. Another good purchase is a wangxing fan or a silk fan. An original gift for a cook will be a package of flour from the Lotus root. You can give the famous Zhang Xiao Quan scissors to seamstresses.
In Hangzhou, there are many hotels that belong to the luxury segment. That will certainly please fans of exclusive accommodation, but savvy travelers will have no problem finding a suitable … Open
Tea is almost a must-buy in Hangzhou. Several hundred varieties of it are sold here. They match any preferences and budget. However, you should pay special attention to the local Longjing tea. If you visit the plantation, you may even be able to pick a few young leaves yourself. It is worth noting that the Chinese brew this tea very strong. It will seem even too strong to a European. However, the drink looks quite normal. So you should ask for a weaker brew when tasting Longjing tea. Otherwise, there is a chance to be disappointed in the taste, even without really tasting it.
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