Photogallery of Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou (杭州) - China
Hangzhou (杭州) - China by lucien_photography @flickr
West Lake - Hangzhou (杭州) - China
West Lake - Hangzhou (杭州) - China by lucien_photography @flickr
Hangzhou - West Lake
Hangzhou - West Lake by ivlys @flickr
Hangzhou by daniel.frauchiger @flickr
West Lake Hangzhou
West Lake Hangzhou by @flickr
Hangzhou @flickr
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More to see in Hangzhou
Hangzhou is ready to offer everything needed for an interesting and diversified vacation. The choice of entertainment, unusual shops, and miraculously beautiful parks will please even experienced travelers. In the city and its closest suburbs, there are several wonderful zoos. For example, tourists with children and fans of nature usually prefer to visit Hangzhou Wildlife World. It’s a marvelous place where one can not only see animals in conditions close to their natural habitat but also take memorable pictures with the friendliest of them. The zoo also regularly organizes interesting performances with tamed animals for visitors. Hangzhou Zoo is a no less interesting place. This zoo is home to many wonderful animals, including gracious pink flamingos, pandas, monkey and tigers, and many other species brought from different parts of the world. The zoo is spacious and has a large cage for birds, a terrarium, and a special arena that hosts interesting performances every evening. Hangzhou Underwater World center is the best place to get acquainted with the diversity of the underwater world. This aquarium is often referred to as the best aquarium in the country, so don’t miss a chance to visit it. The collection of marine creatures is, indeed, large and diversified. Tourists with children will simply fall in love with Hangzhou. As a rule, family visitors enjoy visiting Hangzhou Songcheng amusement park. This park is designed in the beautiful national style and … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Hangzhou

Traditions and mentality of Hangzhou

Many important dates for the Chinese are celebrated on a large scale in Hangzhou. For example, one of the largest and most colorful Dragon Boat Festival across the country is held here. No one knows exactly how this holiday came about. Legends say that a story that happened more than two thousand years ago was the beginning. The official and poet Qu Yuan knew of the success of the siege of the capital of his state. … Open

Travel guide to Hangzhou

It is comfortable to explore landmarks of Hangzhou on foot. Hefang Jie Street is one of the most interesting and exciting destinations for walking. The historical street was reconstructed not long ago, so many facades of unique buildings were thoroughly restored and now look simply gorgeous. Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy is considered the most attractive and interesting building on this street. Finished in 1874, the … Open

Hangzhou for children - what to visit

There are many places that will appeal to children of all ages in Hangzhou. A visit to Hangzhou Songcheng Park will be a combination of entertainment and an introduction to the foreign culture. This beautiful place is designed for the most part for tourists. The child will be able to see modern reconstructions of ancient Chinese buildings, observe the life of masters and bakers of the past, and even take a photo with … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

Today, Hangzhou is the economic and commercial center of all of Eastern China. More than nine million people live in the city. The number of shopping centers, markets, galleries, and supermarkets is so large that even the most meticulous traveler will not be able to get around them all in one vacation. The main reason for this number of stores is not only in the city's past. It has attracted merchants for many years. … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

If you still don't want to risk trying unfamiliar food, you can just search for restaurants with a menu of European or American dishes. There are many of them here. Major fast-food chains like KFC are also present in the city. If you, on the contrary, decide to plunge into tasting new unusual dishes, you can go to any of the hundreds of local restaurants, or walk through the city's night markets. If you are … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Tourists with children will simply fall in love with Hangzhou. As a rule, family visitors enjoy visiting Hangzhou Songcheng amusement park. This park is designed in the beautiful national style and offers an interesting cultural program in addition to a broad range of attractions and charming areas perfect for relaxation. It also has a theater that hosts interesting performances every day. Even more, Hangzhou … Open

Top sigths of China

China is a country that is rich in culture and historic sights. Almost a hundred of Chinese cities are home to priceless landmarks such as ancient monasteries, squares and museums. Beijing, the capital of the country, is the location of the famous heritage site – Forbidden City. The buildings in this city were constructed mostly in the 15th century and amaze visitors with their elegant and sophisticated style. This part of Beijing is surrounded by a thick wall. Inside the wall, there are several thousand different buildings, many of which have been turned into museums. Their exhibitions include a collection of emperor’s artefacts, marionettes, watches, ceramic items, paintings, statues and other pieces of art. There are many more interesting sights in the city, for example, Tiananmen Square, which is one of the biggest squares in the world, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, the White Could Temple, Zhengyangmen, Summer Palace, Zhoukoudian and Ming Tombs. … Open

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