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Many claim that Hangzhou is the most charming and picturesque city in the world. It’s a large place with the population of several million people that is famous for its inimitable architecture, rich cultural traditions, and unhurried and harmonious atmosphere. The choice of natural landmarks is no less magnificent and diverse. For example, no vacation in Hangzhou is possible without a visit to West Lake . Here fans of nature have an opportunity to walk in picturesque suburban areas of Hangzhou. It’s important to mention that travelers who enjoy walking will be super pleased with the excursion opportunities that the city offers.
Today, Hangzhou is the economic and commercial center of all of Eastern China. More than nine million people live in the city. The number of shopping centers, markets, galleries, and … Open
Hangzhou is a modern city that has a status of a large industrial center. Its territory has become home to thousands of internationally famous companies that produce electronics and many other categories of goods. Nevertheless, not only business travelers visit the city but also thousands of ordinary tourists who want to explore unique historic monuments, walk in modern shopping centers, and visit excellent entertainment venues.
When describing the national symbols of the city, it’s important to mention tea. For many cities in China, the tea culture is an essential part of everyday life, but for Hangzhou tea has a special meaning. There is even a large museum, China National Tea Museum , dedicated to the internationally famous plant and drink. The opening of this center took place in 1991. For centuries, Hangzhou has been the tea capital of China. Numerous tea plantations surround the city. In Hangzhou, there are also countless tea shops that will easily please even connoisseurs of this drink. Copyright
There are many places that will appeal to children of all ages in Hangzhou. A visit to Hangzhou Songcheng Park will be a combination of entertainment and an introduction to the foreign … Open
Fans of excursions have many routes and landmarks to select from. They are welcome to attend ancient monasteries and see the gorgeous Pagoda Lyuheta, the history of which is incredibly interesting. The beautiful city is also not deprived of typical modern entertainment centers. Tourists traditionally enjoy visiting local shopping centers that offer inexpensive electronics and high-quality clothes. Gourmets have a fantastic opportunity to visit Chinese cuisine restaurants or charming city cafes that offer wonderful tea ceremonies for visitors.
Fans of long walks and excursions should also keep in mind one more important peculiarity of Hangzhou – the ever-changing weather. On a sunny day, dark clouds can appear in the sky in a matter of minutes, resulting in a heavy rain. However, don’t worry that such unexpected rains can ruin your vacation program. They are always very short, and exploring the streets of the picturesque old city under an umbrella is no less interesting.
Hangzhou attracts more and more tourists every year. A trip to China is an opportunity to get acquainted with the diverse local cuisine for them. Today, the city is essentially the capital … Open
It is comfortable to explore landmarks of Hangzhou on foot. Hefang Jie Street is one of the most interesting and exciting destinations for walking. The historical street was reconstructed not long ago, so many facades of unique buildings were thoroughly restored and now look simply gorgeous. Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy is considered the most attractive and interesting building on this street. Finished in 1874, the pharmacy building is one of the few houses that have managed to retain their original look.
Hangzhou Nowadays, there is a trading area in the gorgeous building, but many come simply to admire the mesmerizing interior design. In the past, there was a popular pharmacy open in this building. However, only a charming inner yard with growing herbs reminds of the glorious past of the building now.
Many important dates for the Chinese are celebrated on a large scale in Hangzhou. For example, one of the largest and most colorful Dragon Boat Festival across the country is held here. No … Open
When exploring the Old Town, don’t forget to spend some time on Wu-Shan Square. There are many interesting shops nearby, so this square is an amazing location to buy popular souvenirs in the national style. Tea remains the most popular souvenir among travelers. Tourists also like to buy various accessories for brewing and serving tea. Local craftsmen also create absolutely amazing tea services. Any tea brewed and served in such tableware gets a particularly refined taste. Hangzhou is also famous for its gorgeous locally made fans that tourists often buy as a home decoration.
West Lake Hangzhou The Old Town has one more attractive place, FuShan Hill. One of the best observation decks in the city is located on top of this hill. Here, in the middle of lush gardens and park areas, there is a fabulous observation pagoda. Everyone is welcome to get to the top of the pagoda and admire the breath-taking panorama of the city. The park near the pagoda is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is also famous for its collection of rare plants and flowers. Lush green trees and bushes hide comfortable pavilions perfect for relaxing and admiring the panorama of the historical district.
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Jin Mao Tower

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Speaking about features of Jin Mao Tower, it’s certainly worth to note its high durability. The building was designed with local climate in mind, so it can withstand hurricane winds at 200 m/s, as well as earthquakes and other natural disasters. A panoramic lift that can reach speeds of more than 9 m/s and can raise visitors to the observation deck of a skyscraper in just 45 seconds will provide colorful impressions. … Read further

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

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The area of the oceanarium is 20500 It is divided into different thematic zones. The underwater tunnel is located in the "Deep Ocean" zone. For the convenience of visitors it has been equipped with a special escalator. Entering the tunnel, you do not have to walk, you can just stand and admire the surrounding landscapes. This design avoids the accumulation of a large number of people in one place, but if in some area of the tunnel you want to stay longer, you can go to one of the specially equipped platforms. … Read further

Orient Pearl Tower

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Despite the fact that both tourists and local residents love to visit the place, the cost of visiting the observation deck is very attractive. In part, that's why a long queue always stands in front of a ticket office. Oriental Pearl TV Tower in recent years has become a popular place for families in Shanghai. Besides the observation deck and the restaurant, there are various game rooms, as well as workshops of diverse specializations. Those who like to relax in an exclusive and intimate setting have to know that there is a hotel with 20 rooms. It is possible to book a room only at the official website or by phone. This hotel is one of the most expensive in Shanghai. … Read further

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