Colors of Donetsk - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Residents of the city of a million roses (this is a popular way to call Donetsk because there is virtually a countless number of this flower in the city) are hospitable, friendly, and charming people. If one manages to win their trust, they can always rely on locals. Donetsk residents are true friends who are always ready to help, no matter how hard it can be. That said, despite the fact that local people might look reserved at a glance, tourists shouldn’t be afraid to ask them to help.
Among the sights of Donetsk especially interesting for visiting with children, it is worth noting the Park Shcherbakova. It is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city, where … Open
When talking to locals, it is better not to touch such theme as politics. Indigenous people are proud of their independence, and there is nothing bad in that. However, if their opinion doesn’t coincide with the opinion of their opponent, that can become a reason for an argument. Here it is important to mention that locals are quite passionate when defending their ideas. And this quality, indeed, deserves praise. It is safe to say that locals will fight for their beliefs until the end and get the job done no matter what. Family, relatives, and close friends are the biggest treasure for local people and they are ready to protect the ones they love.
It is important to mention the multinationality of the city. This fact has found reflection in the local culture and cuisine. For example, such Ukrainian cuisine dishes as borsch, varenyky, salo (in any form – roasted, boiled, salted, smoked, stewed, and even raw), halusky, and syrniki are particularly popular in the region. When mixed with Russian cuisine, local culinary traditions become particularly appealing. Dumplings and cabbage (stewed or fermented) are also very popular, as well as dishes with potato, mushrooms, and berries. Copyright
Thanks to a large number of luxurious restaurants and charming cafes, Donetsk is ready to please even most discerning foodies. Guests of the city should definitely visit local cafes and … Open
Festivals, which take place in Donetsk, are bright and colorful events that traditionally attract numerous guests. Donbas Xtreme Fest is, for sure, one of the most unusual events in the festival life of the city. As a rule, the event takes place at the end of May. It is an interesting open-air festival that is dedicated to active recreation and extreme sports (alpinism, zip line, water-based activities, yoga, hang gliding, paintball, Frisbee). Besides that, visitors are welcome to attend various music concerts and listen to different music styles, including French chanson and popular hits from the 80s of the previous century. The fest is also a great way to try local delicacies. The event takes place in Zuyivsʹkyy Rehionalʹnyy Landshaftnyy Park that is very comfortable for such occasions.
TerriCON is one more interesting festival in Donetsk. As one can guess by the name, this event is dedicated to comics, pop culture, and cosplays. During the festival, visitors can attend costume contests and meet-and-greets with famous people in the cosplay scene. Music plays non-stop, adding to the cheering mood of everyone present – for fans of villains and superheroes and, of course, for cosplayers. It is a true holiday because people with the same passion are able to meet and share their emotions. The festival takes place in the middle of September.
Start your acquaintance with the landmarks of the city with a stroll in the Forged Figures Park that is located not far from the city council building. It is a beautiful and large park with … Open
The beginning of July marks the start of one more notable event in the city of a million roses. It is the time for Lava Fest, one of the best festivals in the region that is dedicated to the hip-hop culture. Among headliners of the festival, there are always famous bands and performers. The event takes place on Metalurh Stadium. The main aim of the festival is to entertain people and make sure that no one feels bored during Lava Fest. To tell the truth, the event succeeds in that – it becomes so hot during the festival that this energy busts like during a volcano explosion. That is the reason why the event was named Lava Fest.
Jazz is popular in Donetsk, and the jazz festival that takes place in the city at the beginning of December is another proof of that. The event is called DoDj (meaning Donetsk Jazz) and takes place in the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Among headliners of the event, there are famous jazz and blues musicians not only from Ukraine but also from other countries, including Europe. During the festival, young performers are welcome to participate in an interesting contest called DoDj Junior. This is not the only event dedicated to jazz in Donetsk. There is one more festival, Jazz Forum, that takes place in Derzhavna Akademichna Filarmoniya in the middle of March. During this event, visitors can listen to musicians from the European Union, the United States, and Russia.
Besides strolls to interesting historical landmarks and observation of priceless collections in local museums, guests of Donetsk have an opportunity to visit numerous entertainment venues. … Open
The end of November is a great time for all guests of Donetsk as they are welcome to attend a large event dedicated to food, namely, the National Food Festival. Visitors can try different cuisines of the world, including Kazakh, Uzbek, Russian, Armenian, and, of course, Ukrainian. Samsa, Dolma, Kebab, Halusky, Pampushky, marinades, and Chebureki – visitors are welcome to try all these and more at the venue of the festival. By the way, the food festival takes place in the Forged Figures Park. The atmosphere that reigns in this park is nothing but fantastic. It makes even complete strangers feel like friends who have known each other for ages. Besides cuisine related activities, the schedule of the festival includes music and dancing performances.
Art Alternative is one more interesting event that takes place in Donetsk at the beginning of April. It is dedicated to experimental dramatic art. This is a multifaceted festival, during which visitors have a unique opportunity to watch and listen to various performances, attend various exhibitions, and participate in interesting master-classes held by professionals who visit this popular event. Besides that, guests of the festival can enjoy a fascinating music program. The event changes its location every year. It can take place in Donetsk Performing Arts Theater, Regional Academic Puppet Theatre, Academical Russian Theatre for Young Spectator or, for example, in Chicago nightclub. Travelers need to check the venue in advance prior to their visit to the city of a million roses.
One more popular theatre-related event in the city has a simple name – Theatre Donbas. This festival takes place in Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Musical and Drama Theatre at the end of March. During this event, visitors have an opportunity to see the best new plays and performances. One more grandiose event takes place in the city of a million roses approximately at the same time. This is S. Prokofiev's Native Land music festival and the international competition for young pianists. As one can guess from the name, this is a classical music festival that also has an aim of uniting peoples of Donbas. The popular music event takes place in Prokofiev's Donetsk State Music Academy. Among participants of the festival, there are musicians from different countries of the world.
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