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Thanks to a large number of luxurious restaurants and charming cafes, Donetsk is ready to please even most discerning foodies. Guests of the city should definitely visit local cafes and restaurants that please their visitors not only with delicious food but also with an interesting entertaining program. Stylish and eye-catching, Bruderschaft is famous as one of the best restaurants in the city. In the menu of this dining establishment, visitors will find the most popular Italian, French, Hungarian, German, and Baltic dishes. It will be hard to find such a broad range of culinary masterpieces in any other restaurant in Donetsk. Bruderschaft is also perfectly suitable for events and celebrations. Friendly and attentive staff will help to organize any holiday.
The city was founded in the 17th century when its territory was used as a Cossack settlement. The first metallurgic plant was opened here in the middle of the 19th century. It granted … Open
For a family visit, Family Club is, perhaps, the most suitable. This restaurant complex is located in Central Scherbakov Park of Culture and Leisure, and it offers a range of popular national dishes that are available at very attractive prices. Family Club’s visitors are welcome to relax in a beautiful hall or choose to stay outdoors and enjoy the fresh air on a spacious terrace. Besides an elegant restaurant, there is a beautiful café with a great choice of desserts, appetizers, and beverages.
In Donetsk, there is a restaurant that specializes in English cuisine - Foggy Albion. The design of this restaurant is reminiscent of a classic British castle. Massive furniture made of rare sorts of wood, gorgeous chandeliers, and premium textiles make this restaurant look like an elegant banquet hall from the past. There is also an attractive bar at Foggy Albion. It offers many interesting cocktails and beverages. In addition to traditional English food, guests of this restaurant are welcome to try various pastries and home cuisine dishes. Fans of Italian food, in their turn, will be in love with Pasta Project. As one can easily guess from the name, pasta is the main specialty of this restaurant. At Pasta Project, guests are welcome to try several dozen types of this ever-popular Italian dish, and each culinary masterpiece is distinguished by an inimitable, unforgettable taste. The restaurant has a rich wine list because it is simply impossible to imagine an Italian style dinner without a glass of fragrant wine. Copyright
Among the sights of Donetsk especially interesting for visiting with children, it is worth noting the Park Shcherbakova. It is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city, where … Open
All fans of Mediterranean cuisine also have a must-visit restaurant in Donetsk - Piu Gusto. This dining establishment usually has a range of interesting offers to its guests. For example, visitors are welcome to try oysters cooked in accordance with the signature recipe, enjoy piquant Sicilian dishes, and numerous signature fish dishes. Fans of exotic food will be excited to try stingray soup and grilled flounder.
The traditional cuisine that many Donetsk restaurants specialize in is very diverse. Different first-course dishes are very popular in the region. Besides that, there are many interesting dishes with vegetables and meat. Pork fat or Salo remains one of the main symbols of the national cuisine. Among the first course dishes, Borsch is the number one choice. This soup has beetroot as its main ingredient. The vegetable adds a deep red color to the dish, thanks to which it is not possible to mistake Borsch for any other soup.
Residents of the city of a million roses (this is a popular way to call Donetsk because there is virtually a countless number of this flower in the city) are hospitable, friendly, and … Open
Cabbage soup is a no less popular local dish. Cabbage is the main ingredient of this soup, and both raw and fermented forms of cabbage are accepted. Restaurants specializing in the national cuisine also offer Rassolnik. This is a traditional soup with pickled cucumbers that add a peculiar taste.
The choice of second-course dishes in Donetsk restaurants is no less amazing. Tourists, who do not know what to order, should try Varenyky. Similar filled dumplings are present in many cuisines of the world, but only in the local cuisine Varenyky remain important everyday food. They can come with savory or sweet fillings, so certain types of Varenyky can easily replace a dessert. Potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, meat, other seasonal fruit and vegetables – the choice of fillings for Varenyky is incredibly diverse.
Start your acquaintance with the landmarks of the city with a stroll in the Forged Figures Park that is located not far from the city council building. It is a beautiful and large park with … Open
Halusky are a very interesting local specialty. These are small pieces of boiled dough that can be served either as the main dish or as a garnish. As a rule, Halusky are usually served with sour cream. There are also soups with this food. A real surprise awaits all fans of meat delicacies in local restaurants specializing in the national cuisine. They can try Buzhenina with the traditional bread and bacon crisps – pieces of Salo or fatty meat roasted until they become crispy.
Zrazy is a very popular local dish that can easily vary in shape and size. Sometimes, Zrazy look like small cutlets stuffed with vegetables or mushrooms, and sometimes it can be a true meat roll. When it is dessert time, Donetsk restaurants usually offer all kinds of pastries. Local people like Nalesniki, small pancakes with different fillings. Besides that, tourists usually like Syrniki, a special pastry with cottage cheese. There is also an interesting sweet pastry with potato being its main ingredient – Deruny. Many local restaurants serve sour cream in addition to many sweet pastries.
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