Sightseeing in Dnepropetrovsk - what to see. Complete travel guide

Turn back to sunset 1. Locals are treated visitors are quite restrained and benevolent. If necessary, they can always ask the way to interesting attractions or ask other interesting questions.
2. The working hours of museums and other cultural institutions are best determined at the tourist office. Those who want to visit a local theater or go to music concert, best purchase tickets in advance. For some cultural events, ticket sales are completed in a few days.
3. The city is convenient to travel by bus, you can freely get to any area of ​​interest on them. Taxis are best called on the phone or taken at special parking lots, stopping a free car on the street can be quite difficult. The fare in a taxi depends on the firm and on the time of day, at night the tariff is higher than in the daytime.
4. You can rent a car in one of the many rental locations, the rental price depends on the specific brand of the car and can range from $30 to $200 per day. For rent, you will need an international driving license and a passport. The service may be refused to drivers who are younger than 21 years, as well as those who received the license less than two years ago.
5. In large restaurants, there is certainly a menu in English. Tipping is usually included in the bill; they rarely make up more than 10% of the ordered amount. In small restaurants and cafes you can also leave a tip, 5% of the bill amount will be enough. Copyright
6. In the city, it is very difficult to find a restaurant that is designed for vegetarians. At the same time, in almost every gastronomic institution visitors will be offered a rich selection of vegetable side dishes and salads, as well as delicious dishes from potatoes.
7. It is best to go to shops and markets with local currency. Some sellers accept payment in US dollars, but the exchange rate against the national currency will be extremely unprofitable. In most shopping centers you can pay by cashless settlement but you will need an international credit card for this.
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8. Exchange of currency is best in banks, which accept visitors from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Some banks can work until 19:00, and exchange offices usually close no earlier than 21:00.
9. A variety of charms and amulets are common souvenirs that visitors can buy in almost any souvenir shop. Sometimes they can be made in the form of interesting ornaments for home or jewelry, which will be an excellent memorable gift.
10. Travelers who stay at Dnepropetrovsk airport can get to the city center by tram number 1, this method will be the cheapest. The train station from the airport can be reached by bus number 109 or 60. Tourists also have the opportunity to take a taxi, but they will not be cheap.
11. In Dnepropetrovsk is the most large-scale bus station in Ukraine, which is worth a visit even for those who do not plan to go on a bus tour. Here there is a currency exchange office, as well as a timetable for city public transport.
12. For travelers who in addition to Dnepropetrovsk expect to visit the surrounding cities, it will be most convenient to travel by electric trains. Night bus tickets are also in demand, but this option will not be the best for long trips, especially in summer.
13. Dnepropetrovsk is a large-scale active city, and therefore congestion on its central highways has long been not uncommon. This should be taken into account not only for those who prefer to travel by private car, but also for those who plan to use public transport services.
14. A few years ago, Dnepropetrovsk was a closed city, and today it is a permanent venue for major cultural events and festivals. Fans of event tourism should confirm the time of the holidays in advance, as the city's cultural calendar is updated and expanded annually.
15. The ideal time for a vacation with children will be summer, at this time the choice of interesting entertainment in Dnepropetrovsk is especially great. On city streets and in parks for children are equipped fine recreation areas with a lot of carousels and attractions.
16. Those who prefer to relax in a quiet environment should best visit Dnepropetrovsk in early autumn. At this time in the city reigns a very quiet atmosphere and the weather is excellent for active recreation and walks.
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Ukraine: travelling advices

8. The fig sign is considered a rude gesture; you should not point a finger at a person or an object. If you want to make an indication, you can use all fingers of the open palm. It is acceptable to beckon on somebody with one finger-gesture only if this somebody is an animal. In cafes and restaurants you should not click your fingers when calling for a waiter – this is very rude.
9. Those who refuse to drink in the company of others may be looked at askantly and the refusal written off as snobbery. Some hosts will be gravely offended if guests refuse to drink with them. Usually they drink to the health of those who are present at the gathering, if other toasts are not offered. If you had a chance to attend such a sad event as a commemoration, you cannot refuse a shot of vodka. Everyone must remember the departed; refusal will be considered as an insult to his memory. For those who for some reason completely reject alcohol, it is better to mention it immediately to the new Ukrainian acquaintances as soon as the topic to join in a feast approaches.
10. You should not refuse eating on a visit, and you must certainly eat the entire portion served you. If the guest does not eat any product, he needs to inform his host of it politely immediately upon receiving the invitation.
11. Ukrainians know that some not very educated residents of the USA and some European countries are barely familiar with the fact of the existence of Ukraine. It would therefore be a good idea to get acquainted with the culture of the country before your trip and learn a few phrases in the language. The Ukrainians will be flattered. … Open

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