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Beautiful nature, hundreds of small islands, dense forests and ancient castles – Croatia is a wonderful country perfect for vacation. The capital of the country, Zagreb, is a beautiful old city with numerous places of interest. The city was founded in the 13th century and many landmarks remind of those times, such as Stone Gate that is decorated with the image of Virgin Mary. There are also several churches and cathedrals in Zagreb. The most famous ones are St. Marcus Church and St. Stephan’s Cathedral built back in the 19th century. PMS-prostor manufakturne slobode is considered the most prestigious cultural centre of the city. It consists of several galleries and exhibition halls. Other sights of Zagreb include Dolac Market, Ban Jelačić Square, Tkalčićeva Street and Banski Dvori Palace.
Croatia is located next to Italy, the recognized capital of world fashion. However, shopping in this country is very different from Italian. Popular …
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Continue your exploration of the country by visiting the resort of Naftalan that has become internationally famous due to healing mineral springs. This balneology resort has become very popular not only with European but also with Russian tourists. Rovinj is a very interesting place from the historic point of view. The town is home to many historic buildings, such as St. Euphemia Cathedral, the height of which estimates 57 metres. This is a wonderful building made in Baroque style. For more than 300 years the building has been the tallest building in Istria. Several important landmarks are located in Amicis Street – the clock tower built in the 18th century, several museums and an old library.
The Croatian city of Porec is home to several landmarks of international level. The Euphrasian Basilica should be mentioned first. This magnificent building was constructed in the 6th century. Other important landmarks include ruins of Roman temples and local History and Economy Museum that is located on Decumanus Street. The ruins of the Neptune Temple are located nearby; this landmark is added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Copyright
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The town of Split is another popular tourist destination as there are several interesting sights there, such as the Jupiter Temple and several cathedrals of Renaissance period. Travellers are also recommended to visit the Venetian Town Hall and Tower, the building of which took place in the 15th century. When it comes to nature landmarks, we simply cannot fail to mention Plitvice Lakes. These 16 magnificent lakes are conveniently located among pine woods and bushes. The nature park is home to many species of wild animals and rare birds. Finally, a visit to Krka National Park will leave only positive memories. There are a big canyon, waterfalls and several beautiful islands in the park.

History and Entertainment

The birth of the modern country is the 7th century. Exactly in this period, the Croatian tribes came to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Then, the Croatian Kingdom was formed here. It had been the strongest and most invincible in the region for 400 years. The beginning of the 12th century was the times of the Hungarian Empire. In the 15th century, the country was under Turkey. Over the next 500 years, the country saw multiple wars and political reorganization. The last political conflict was between Serbs and Croats. After this, Croatia announced the declaration of independence in 1991.
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Besides unique historical attractions, the country is notable for marvelous beach resorts. One of the most beautiful beaches is in Istria. No less enchanting coastal zones are located in Dalmatia. Beach areas of Croatia are notable because most part of the coast is close to picturesque pine forests. Such natural conditions make the climate at local resorts quite healthy. Tourists can combine beach recreation and walks along picturesque places.
Brac In Croatia, you can take part in interesting wine tours, during which you can visit historical wineries of the country and learn a lot of interesting facts about the emergence and development of winery traditions. Fans of the event tourism usually visit the country in February. At that time, the annual carnival is held in Dubrovnik. It lasts for several days, during which costume parades, music concerts and theatrical performances are held in the city streets. In Croatia, most of the festivals are organized in summer. Fans of historical events will definitely like the Knight’s Festival held in Korcula Island.
Hotels in Croatia are among the most stylish in Europe. They are affected by the neighborhood with Italy, the capital of the world fashion. …
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Croatia will not disappoint gourmets too, as the country has rich food traditions. It is famous around the world for its dried meat called prcut. Also, special cheeses are produced in Croatia. To acquaint with specialties of local cuisine, do not limit yourself to visiting national restaurants. You should definitely drop in local markets where you can always find meat delicacies and dairy products from local farms.
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Famous and uniques places in Croatia from our review series

Monument to Victims of Jasenovac Concentration Camp

From the series “The most famous buildings of communism”
One of the world's largest death camps was founded in the village of Jasenovac in Croatia in 1941. About 700,000 people were killed during its existence only by rough estimates. Thousands of Jews, Roma, and Serbs lost their lives in this camp. The symbolic monument recalls the tragic past of these places today. It is called "Stone Flower". This beautiful memorial was abandoned for several years after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The historical museum located next to it was also closed.

The full restoration of the historical complex took place only in 2006. The memorial built during the communist period was completely reconstructed. Beautiful glass panels with the names of the dead prisoners of the camp engraved on them were installed next to it. In addition to the old stone monument, … Read all

West Gate Center

From the series “12 Largest Shopping Centers Worldwide”
In Zagreb you can find the biggest shopping mall in Europe. Its' name is "West Gate Centre" and it was opened in 2009. In this mall there are nearly 500 various shops on the area of more than 100 thousand square meters. The mall was built in 15 months and now "West Gate Centre" is ready to present not only a wide range of shops but also a wide range of entertainment.

Visitors with children will be interested in KIDS WORLD. The area of this park is 4 thousand square meters. It is good for babies and teenagers at once. The mall has all season ice skate and boiling club, more than 20 restaurants with different cuisines and over 10 bars. The enormous shopping mall in Zagreb is dramatically differing from others by its terrific design. Its halls are always decorated with an original art … Read all

Plitvice Lakes National Park

From the series “Top 15 Most Fantastic Creations of Nature”
In Croatia, there is the unique Plitvice Lakes National Park. Its marvelous landscapes are impressive. The reserve was founded in 1949. Now, it is the largest national park in the country. As you might guess from the name, the main feature of the park are lovely lakes located on its territory. Ponds lying in the complex mountainous terrain form wonderful cascades with waterfalls and mysterious caves.

It’s important to note that you can admire picturesque lakes not only in summer, but also in winter, when ponds and waterfalls are frozen and snow-covered. The national park will appeal to nature lovers, who will have an opportunity to stroll through the birch and fir forests, observe rare birds, and see other typical representatives of the local fauna. The national park owes its marvelous … Read all
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National and city parks of Croatia
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Michelin-starred restaurants in Croatia
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Castles of Croatia
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