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In China, travelers can visit a city with a rich history and heritage – Nanjing. For a long time, Nanjing was the capital of this country. Nowadays, it is the capital of the Jiangsu province. Tourists visit this amazing city to see its numerous landmarks and get themselves familiar with the history and culture of Nanjing. It is particularly important to mention the thirty-three-kilometer-long wall that protected the city. Known as the City Wall of Nanjing, this wall is among the largest city walls ever built in China. Many foreign tourists try to see this fantastic architectural landmark during their visit to the Celestial Empire. It is not clearly known when Nanjing was founded. According to the legend, the fort of Yecheng was built in the city in 495 BC. Twenty-two years later, the State of Yue captured the region and built a new fort – Yuecheng. The next mention of Nanjing dates back to the 14th century. This is when the rebellion against the Mongolian Yuan dynasty emerged in the region. For fifty years starting from 1368, Nanjing was the central city in Hongwu. This is when the territory of Nanjing was protected by a wall. Even when it was decided to move the capital to Beijing, Nanjing remained a “subsidiary” center of the empire. In 1842, Britain occupied …
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Jinping-I Dam

From the series “The Most Impressive Dams on Earth”
Jinping-I Dam, located in China, is included in a list of the Guinness Book of World Records. It is the highest working dam in the world. Dam’s arches are 305 meters high. In 2012 it was commissioned. It took 7 years to build such tremendous construction. Jinping-I Dam is an integral part of the so-named hydro-electric power station. The dam is located in lower reaches of a river Yalung. It is important to note that it was built not only for electricity-generating needs.

The area where the dam has placed often suffers from floods. This dam was built to prevent the region from this too. Thanks to the dam building, the soil erosion problem was solved. Earlier it was the second-place problem of this area. Jinping-I Dam is quite a complex technical construction. Engineers have foreseen … Read all

Undergrounds of Beijing

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
In 1969 in Beijing at the direction of Mao Tse Tung has begun building of the temporary underground shelter. In 10 years there has appeared an amazing complex of underground tunnels. The whole length of which is about 30 meters. Undergrounds of Beijing were built for defensive goals. The main part of the structure consists of 1 000 bomb shelters. Among them were schools, hairdressing saloons and theatres, and even restaurants and shops.

The area of this underground city is quite huge. These tunnels could place under 40% of city population. In 2000 the unique complex became open for everyone. Some rooms have saved the inner decoration of old times. There are placed some pieces of old furniture, portraits of Mao Tse Tung and other outstanding antiques.

Several years ago, in the … Read all
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Maps of cities and regions of China

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