Excursion tour in Beijing. Top architecture - monuments, castles, temples and palaces

Beijing 1. It is not common to leave a tip to service personnel in Beijing hotels. If you definitely want to please a maid, a pair of Yuan would be enough.
2. Bargaining is natural on the local markets. Do not hesitate to do this as sometimes it can bring the price down sufficiently. Of course, no bargaining is possible in stores. However, there is another advantage – you can easily exchange the defective product.
3. You should be pretty careful on transport crossings. Local drivers often do not bother to follow traffic regulations, so keeping an eye on the cars around you is always a good idea. However, quite often pedestrians can be allowed to go even in the wrong place.
4. People can always talk to local residents and, for example, ask to show the right way. Of course, language barrier is quite often a real obstacle in communication. However, if you face this problem there is a simple solution – show a map to the local taxi driver and specify the point you need to get. Any driver will bring you to the desired point of interest within minutes.
5. Tourists are recommended to learn names of main attractions and main metro stations. This will make travelling around the city much easier. Copyright www.orangesmile.com
6. The majority of excursion sites and museums are available for publics starting from early morning. However, they are also closed quite early – something around 18:00 is the latest.
7. Banks and other government agencies operate five days a week. Saturday and Sunday are days off.
Beijing is a city of top-class shopping malls and huge markets, thousands of stores and souvenir shops, which can be found in every district. Travellers come here not only to buy fashion … Open
8. All hotels in Beijing, including the facilities belonging to the budget category, provide guests with excellent service. Thus, even a standard room of a budget hotel certainly has a private bathroom and all necessary equipment. Capsule hotels are increasingly popular in the city. However, those tourists, who expect to stay in Beijing for quite a long time, will not find them comfortable.
9. We also recommended checking the compatibility of appliances and electronics you plan to take with you before the trip. The voltage in Beijing is 220 V.
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What to visit being in Beijing - unique sights

Beihai Gongyuan Park

From the series “Top 16 Most Unusual and Original Parks and Gardens”
Despite the fact that the imperial park was founded in the 9th century, it opened to the public only in 1925. Before that time, only members of the imperial family could visit it. The green zone is divided into four districts. You can see an old Buddhist chapel and majestic statues in the Round City. The Jade Flower Island features an amazing temple complex and the White Pagoda, which is the main symbol of the park. One of the most tranquil and picturesque places is the Eastern Island. Graceful old pavilions can be seen on the Northern Island. … Read further

National Center for Performing Arts

From the series “Glass Architecture - Impressive Villas and Buildings from Glass”
A lot of people come here to relax in the garden and to adore with the huge artificial lake. In the afternoon there boast a calm, cosy atmosphere, in the evening there begins a real show. The whole building and its nearby territory light up with thousands of illumination lights. The theatre has a great inner decoration. Its large halls are covered with red carpets, everywhere you can see the traditional red paper lanterns and sculptures of famous Chinese masters. … Read further

Undergrounds of Beijing

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
Several years ago, in the underground tunnels were opened hostels for tourists. That’s why you can come here not only for the excursion but also stay for a couple of days. A lot of facts that are connected with Undergrounds of Beijing are still covered with a mystery. For example, there is no information about the real depth of the buildings. Since 2008 the tunnels are in the midst of reconstruction. Builders try to make them more interesting and safe for tourists. Within several years in the 80 000 square meters underground shelter has opened some offices and outdoor concession stands. … Read further

Tips for the cities around Beijing

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