Weather in Alushta. Actual conditions and forecast

Map of wind conditions for Alushta area

Map of Alushta temperature forecast

1. You can zoom in to Alushta using the '+' button, or check temperatures around the globe by the '-' button.
2. Besides this, you can grab the map by your mouse button and move it to see the temperature in other regions.
This temperature map is centered around Alushta. The map is real-time and interactive.

Rain forecast for Alushta area

1. Using the control panel above this map, you can check the rain forecast for Alushta for any period within next 10 days.
2. Via the top control panel, you can check the following weather parameters: Temperature, Cloud cover, Precipitation, Wind and Pressure.
This precipitation forecast map is centered around Alushta. The map is also real-time and interactive.
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More to see in Alushta
Alushta is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Crimea, located in a picturesque corner of the island, which at one time was visited by many famous personalities. Guests of Alushta have a worthy choice of sights and interesting cultural sites for studying. One of the most visited places is the "Museum of Marine Disasters", which is not in Alushta itself, but not far from it - in the village of "Malorechenskoye". It is a unique memorial complex dedicated to the memory of those who died at sea. The museum itself is located in the "St. Nicholas church of Myra", which is also one of the important sights. The tower of the church performs the function of a lighthouse - the highest on the territory of Crimea. The design of the museum is interesting, and everything here is devoted to the marine theme. There is also a remarkable exhibition area, made in the form of the famous Flying Dutchman with a real captain's bridge and graceful sails. In the very center of Alushta is located the "Church of All Saints" - the most remarkable architectural monument, built in the Gothic style. Its construction was conducted under the leadership of Count Vorontsov. Restoration of the temple was held in 1991, and now over its central entrance, towers a three-tiered bell tower, which looks very elegant in the background of "Mount Demiredzhi". "Alushta Museum of Local History" will be of interest to history lovers. The very building of the museum is also part of the history, since it was … Read further

Alushta guide chapters

Alushta sightseeing

In the time of Tsarist Russia, many noblemen built mansions here. Wealthy people, representatives of nobility and bohemians preferred to come to rest in Alushta. The public resort of Alushta already was in the Soviet era; it was during this period that most sanatoriums, boarding houses and health resorts were built here. Here ordinary people could rest, and a unique trolleybus route was built from Simferopol to … Open

Cultural excursion through Alushta - things to see

The oldest building on the territory of the modern resort is the "fortress of Aluston"; to this day only fragments of a large fortification structure have been preserved. There are ruins right in the center of the city and they produce a somewhat strange impression, as they are surrounded on all sides by modern buildings and household buildings. Outside the city, right next to the mountain peak of Shagan-Kaya is … Open

Attractions and active leisure

In the evening, the liveliest place of the resort is the embankment, which will fit perfectly for romantic walks under the moon. Lovers of loud music and dancing can go to the nightclub "Pashera", which is considered the most popular of its kind in the resort. For travelers who are accustomed to spending evenings in a more relaxed atmosphere, a cinema with an unusual name "Storm" is more suitable for a rest. Its … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Alushta is a popular resort town with a lot of bars and restaurants. There are cookery institutions of different directions and price level, so everyone can choose a suitable place for rest. For those who are unpretentious to food and want to save money, it is worth paying attention to self-service café - an analogue of the former Soviet canteens. All of them are located on the waterfront. One of the most popular … Open

Traditions and mentality of Alushta

Alushta is one of the most modern cities of the Crimean peninsula, which managed to preserve the unique charm of the past. The city has a lot of interesting features, which must be noted by attentive travelers. Narrow streets, through which public transport hardly advances, do not go unnoticed. By the way, drive here is at a frenzied speed, even in very winding streets, and so a ride on a local taxi is a separate … Open

Travel guide to Alushta

There are also many interesting historical attractions, including the Monastery of Kosma and Damian. It was founded in 1856. In the period of the Great Patriotic War, the monastery was destroyed almost completely. It started being restored only in 1994. Nowadays, you can take excursions around the entire territory of the monastery and learn about its fascinating history. In the vicinity of the resort, there … Open

Weather in the region of Alushta

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